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Marriages in Russia: Couples During the Economic Transition
Preface Marriage Relationships in Russia Today: An Introduction Research Methods The Family within Russian Society: The Context Gender Attitudes and Attributes in Russia Family Division of Labor andExpand
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Back to monoxeny: Phytomonas nordicus descended from dixenous plant parasites.
The trypanosomatid Phytomonas nordicus parasitizing the predatory bug Troilus luridus was described at the twilight of the morphotype-based systematics. Despite its monoxenous life cycle, thisExpand
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Light and electron microscopic study of Pelomyxa flava sp.n. (archamoebae, pelobiontida)
The morphology of a new species of pelobionts Pelomyxa flava was studied by light and electron microscopy. The envelopes of P. flava are consist of a plasma membrane with a thick layer of weaklyExpand
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[Ultrastructure of the flagellate Cruzella marina (Kinetoplastidea)].
The ultrastructure of a marine, free-living heterotrophic kinetoplastid Cruzella marina was investigated with special attention being paid to the mitochondrion and flagellar organization. TheExpand
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Morphological study of cysts of Pelomyxa palustris Greeff, 1874
Pelomyxa palustris Greeff, 1874, is the only representative of pelomyxoid amoebae with rest cysts in its life cycle. The morphology of the P. palustris cysts was studied using light and electronExpand
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[Fauna of haemoparasites of batrachians (Amphibia, Anura) in Kyrgyzstan].
Fauna of haemoparasites of batrachians is studied in Kyrgyzstan for the first time. Descriptions of 12 haemoparasites species are given. Eight species have been found in Central Asia for the firstExpand
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Life cycle of Blastocrithidia papi sp. n. (Kinetoplastea, Trypanosomatidae) in Pyrrhocoris apterus (Hemiptera, Pyrrhocoridae).
Blastocrithidia papi sp. n. is a cyst-forming trypanosomatid parasitizing firebugs (Pyrrhocoris apterus). It is a member of the Blastocrithidia clade and a very close relative of B. largi, to whichExpand
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[Investigation of causes of the conflict between taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of trypanosomatids by the example of Leptomonas nabiculae podlipaev, 1987].
Results of study of Leptomonas nabiculae using various molecular markers and different material (cultures D2 et Nfm2) contradicted each other and taxonomic position of this species. We investigatedExpand
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