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The refrigerator with a retaining clip for a fan motor
The invention relates to a refrigeration appliance, in particular domestic refrigerator (1) comprising a fan housing (2) of a cooling air circulation circuit comprising a motor mount (5) and one inExpand
The refrigerator with fan
A refrigeration appliance, particularly a domestic refrigerator, having a first bearing in at least one chamber (2) and an evaporator chamber (6) partitioned interior. A fan (9-13) for driving airExpand
The refrigerator with an air flow divider
The refrigerator having an evaporation shell
A refrigeration device (1), especially domestic refrigerator, with a compressor (3) and an evaporation tray (5) for receiving condensation water, wherein the evaporating tray (5) surrounds theExpand
Evaporator assembly for a refrigerator
In an evaporator assembly for a refrigerator, particularly a domestic refrigerator, with a refrigerant pipe (9) and a plurality of in thermal contact with the refrigerant tube (9), the slats (16)Expand
Refrigerator with pressure compensating valve.
Refrigerator with a cover surrounding an inner space (3) refrigerated, having a body (1) and a door (2) and a pressure compensating valve (7), which extends through a wall of the housing (1 , 2), toExpand