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Palm oil and mineral oil based lubricants—their tribological and emission performance
A comparative study of wear, friction, viscosity, lubricant degradation and exhaust emissions was carried out on a palm oil and a mineral oil-based commercial lubricating oil. The wear and frictionExpand
Material selection method in design of automotive brake disc
An automotive brake disc or rotor is a device for slowing or stopping the motion of a wheel while it runs at a certain speed. The widely used brake rotor material is cast iron which consumes muchExpand
Sugar Palm Tree: A Versatile Plant and Novel Source for Biofibres, Biomatrices, and Biocomposites
The use of green materials is a vital component in tackling problems of environmental protection. At the same time, these materials help solve problems arising from the shortage and undegradableExpand
Wear, Performance and Emissions of a Two-Stroke Engine Running on Palm Oil Methyl Ester Blended Lubricant
Results of study on wear of piston rings, engine performance and exhaust gas emissions of palm oil methyl ester (POME) as a lubricating oil additive in a two-stroke gasoline engine test areExpand
Moisture absorption behavior of sugar palm fiber reinforced epoxy composites
Abstract In engineering practice, moisture absorption test is generally used for quality control purposes and to measure the degradation of the quality for the composite materials. The objectives ofExpand
Design and fabrication of natural woven fabric reinforced epoxy composite for household telephone stand
In the recent era there has been an increasing interest in composite materials for its applications in the field of aerospace, sports, industries, medical, and in many other fields of engineeringExpand
The Effect of Environmental Treatments on Fiber Surface Properties and Tensile Strength of Sugar Palm Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Composites
Fiber glass has been used widely in manufacturing industries, especially marine industries, because of low cost and high strength. However, glass fiber can cause acute irritation to the skin, eyes,Expand
A New Approach to Use Arenga Pinnata as Sustainable Biopolymer: Effects of Plasticizers on Physical Properties
Abstract The motivation of this research is to develop a new biopolymer derived from sugar palm tree ( Arenga pinnata ) which can lead to solve non degradable polymer waste disposal problems.Expand
Mechanical properties study of pseudo-stem banana fiber reinforced epoxy composite
The source of banana fiber is the waste banana trunks or stems which are abundant in many places in the world. Therefore, composites of high–strength pseudo-stem banana woven fabric reinforcementExpand
Vegetable‐based biodegradable lubricating oil additives
Recently, much effort has been focused on research and development of new types of lubricating oil additives to reduce wear and friction in the tribological systems. It has been noted that the use ofExpand