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Characterization of colorants and opacifiers in roman glass mosaic tesserae through spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques
Several glass mosaic tesserae were recovered during the archeological excavation of the thermal baths at the ‘Villa dei Quintili’ in Rome and dated to the second century ad. This work reports theExpand
Multi-technique investigation of Roman decorated plasters from Villa dei Quintili (Rome, Italy)
Abstract In the present study, we investigated by the joint use of portable instrumentations, namely a handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyser and a portable Raman spectrometer, the paintedExpand
ZnO and ZnTiO3 nanopowders for antimicrobial stone coating
In the past a great variety of biocidal compounds and persistent organic pesticides were applied on a large scale for preventive measures aimed at the long-term preservation of our cultural heritage.Expand
Nanoparticles for conservation of bio-calcarenite stone
In the present study, the consolidation effectiveness of some inorganic nanoparticles dispersions (silica, calcium hydroxide, and strontium hydroxide) has been evaluated when applied on a very porousExpand
Shellac/nanoparticles dispersions as protective materials for wood
Wood is a natural material that finds numerous and widespread applications, but is subject to different decay processes. Surface coating is the most common method used to protect wood againstExpand
Spectroscopic Analysis to Characterize Finishing Treatments of Ancient Bowed String Instruments
The results obtained were used to determine the stratigraphy of six instruments, obtain new information about the materials involved in the finishing processes employed in Cremona, and elucidate the technological relationship among the procedures adopted in the violin making workshops during the considered period. Expand
Protective action against fungal growth of two consolidating products applied to wood
The results for Norway spruce showed selective development of one of the two rots according to product application: both products applied together caused slowed growth of both fungal species. Expand
The Biobrush Project for Bioremediation of Heritage Stone
3D modelling and measurements of historical violins
Measuring historical violins provides crucial information about the morphology of the instruments, useful both for researchers and violin makers. Generally, these measures are taken manually using aExpand