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Numerical analyses of nonlinear behavior of microbubble contrast agents in ultrasound field and effective parameters.
This research aims to investigate the effects of some parameters on the nonlinear dynamics of an encapsulated microbubble. In the present study, the radial behavior of an encapsulated microbubbleExpand
Numerical analysis of the effects of radiation heat transfer and ionization energy loss on the cavitation Bubbleʼs dynamics
Abstract A numerical scheme for simulating the acoustic and hydrodynamic cavitation was developed. Bubble instantaneous radius was obtained using Gilmore equation which considered the compressibilityExpand
Evaluation of the physical forces exerted on a spherical bubble inside the nozzle in a cavitating flow with an Eulerian/Lagrangian approach
An Eulerian/Lagrangian approach is used to calculate the physical forces acting on a spherical bubble. Reynolds average Navier–Stokes (RANS) equations for the Eulerian approach are solved with aExpand
Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Bubble-Bubble Interaction on the Power of Propagated Pressure Waves
The study of bubble dynamics, especially the interaction of bubbles, has drawn considerable attention due to its various applications in engineering and science. Meanwhile, the study of theExpand
Numerical Investigation of Nonlinear Oscillations and Compression-Only Behavior of a Coated Microbubble Near an Elastic Wall
During the ultrasound imaging process, the ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs) are beating near the blood vessel wall. Therefore, the purpose of the present simulation study is to investigate theExpand
Experimental study and application of computational fluid dynamics on the prediction of air velocity and temperature in a ventilated chamber
The shape of the air flow in the interior is heavily influenced by the air distribution system and the way air enters and exits. By numerically simulating flow by computational fluid dynamics, oneExpand
Numerical investigation of the rake angle effect on the hydrodynamic performance of propeller in a uniform and nonuniform flow
Marine propeller always operates in the wake of a vehicle (ship, torpedo, submarine) but (due to the high computational cost of simulating vehicle and propeller simultaneously) to investigate theExpand