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Fast and accurate scan registration through minimization of the distance between compact 3D NDT representations
A fast, global-descriptor based on the 3D-NDT is defined and used to achieve reliable initial poses for the iterative algorithm. Expand
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Novel and conventional biomarkers for prediction of incident cardiovascular events in the community.
CONTEXT Prior studies have demonstrated conflicting results regarding how much information novel biomarkers add to cardiovascular risk assessment. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the utility of contemporaryExpand
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2-Aminoadipic acid is a biomarker for diabetes risk.
Improvements in metabolite-profiling techniques are providing increased breadth of coverage of the human metabolome and may highlight biomarkers and pathways in common diseases such as diabetes.Expand
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Axial InP nanowire tandem junction grown on a silicon substrate.
Tandem InP nanowire pn-junctions have been grown on a Si substrate using metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy. In situ HCl etching allowed the different subcomponents to be stacked on top of each otherExpand
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Continuous gas-phase synthesis of nanowires with tunable properties
Semiconductor nanowires are key building blocks for the next generation of light-emitting diodes, solar cells and batteries. To fabricate functional nanowire-based devices on an industrial scaleExpand
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Distinct Metabolomic Signatures Are Associated with Longevity in Humans
Alterations in metabolism influence lifespan in experimental models, but data in humans are lacking. Here we use liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry to quantify 217 plasma metabolites and examineExpand
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A clinically confirmed family history for early myocardial infarction is associated with increased risk of obesity, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome
Objective: The risk factor pattern underlying a parental history of myocardial infarction (MI) is incompletely understood. We examined whether a parental history of clinically verified early MI mayExpand
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Advanced model-based iterative reconstruction algorithms in quantitative computed tomography (CT) perform automatic segmentation of tissues to estimate material properties of the imaged object.Expand
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The use of the Open Multiprocessing (OpenMP) and Open Computing Language (OpenCL) frameworks is considered for the parallelisation of the model-based iterative reconstruction algorithm DIRA with the aim to significantly shorten the code's execution time. Expand
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Predicting the deposition spot radius and the nanoparticle concentration distribution in an electrostatic precipitator
Abstract Deposition of aerosol nanoparticles using an electrostatic precipitator is widely used in the aerosol community. Despite this, basic knowledge regarding what governs the deposition has beenExpand
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