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Development of a Real-Time PCR Assay for Rapid Detection and Quantification of Alexandrium minutum (a Dinoflagellate)
A real-time PCR-based assay for rapid detection of all toxic species of the Alexandrium genus in both fixative-preserved environmental samples and cultures is developed, confirming that real- time PCR could be a valid, fast alternative procedure for the detection and quantification of target phytoplankton species during coastal water monitoring. Expand
Pharmacogenetic profiling in patients with advanced colorectal cancer treated with first-line FOLFOX-4 chemotherapy.
A pharmacogenetic approach may be an innovative strategy for optimizing palliative chemotherapy in patients with advanced colorectal cancer. Expand
KRAS codon 61, 146 and BRAF mutations predict resistance to cetuximab plus irinotecan in KRAS codon 12 and 13 wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer
Assessing KRAS codons 61/146 and BRAF V600E mutations might help optimising the selection of the candidate patients to receive anti-EGFR moAbs in metastatic colorectal cancer. Expand
Loss of CD127 Expression Defines an Expansion of Effector CD8+ T Cells in HIV-Infected Individuals1
In HIV-infected individuals the loss of IL-7R (CD127) expression defines the expansion of a subset of CD8+ T cells that show phenotypic as well as functional features of effector T cells, a novel feature of the HIV-associated immune perturbation. Expand
PTEN expression and KRAS mutations on primary tumors and metastases in the prediction of benefit from cetuximab plus irinotecan for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
PTEN loss in metastases may be predictive of resistance to cetuximab plus irinotecan and the combination of PTEN IHC and KRAS mutational analyses could help to identify a subgroup of patients with mCRC who have higher chances of benefiting from EGFR inhibition. Expand
The ubiquitin-dependent proteolytic system and other potential targets for the modulation of nuclear factor-kB (NF-kB).
This review will analyze the current strategies aimed at interfering with NF-kB activation and will consider the ubiquitination system as a new selective target for the development of new anti-inflammatory therapies. Expand
Simultaneous extraction and reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of adenine and pyridine nucleotides in human red blood cells.
A simple and rapid method for the determination of ATP, ADP, AMP, NADP+, NAD+, NADPH, and NADH in human erythrocytes is described and levels of adenine and pyridine nucleotides in normal adults are presented. Expand
Pharmacogenetic profiling and clinical outcome of patients with advanced gastric cancer treated with palliative chemotherapy.
Specific polymorphisms may influence clinical outcomes of AGC patients and selecting palliative chemotherapy on the basis of pretreatment genotyping may represent an innovative strategy that warrants prospective studies. Expand
Pharmacogenetic profiling in patients with advanced colorectal cancer treated with first-line FOLFIRI chemotherapy
Significant associations between polymorphisms with putative influence on 5-fluorouracil/irinotecan activity and progression-free survival of patients with advanced colorectal cancer treated with first-line FOLFIRI chemotherapy are analyzed. Expand
Genetic activation of the MET pathway and prognosis of patients with high-risk, radically resected gastric cancer.
PURPOSE To investigate whether prognosis of patients with high-risk gastric cancer may depend on MET copy number gain (CNG) or an activating truncation within a deoxyadenosine tract element (DATE) inExpand