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Use of minimum-adder multiplier blocks in FIR digital filters
The computational complexity of VLSI digital filters using fixed point binary multiplier coefficients is normally dominated by the number of adders used in the implementation of the multipliers. ItExpand
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Fast nearly ML estimation of the parameters of real or complex single tones or resolved multiple tones
  • M. Macleod
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Signal Process.
  • 1998
This paper presents new computationally efficient algorithms for estimating the parameters (frequency, amplitude, and phase) of one or more real tones (sinusoids) or complex tones (cisoids) in noiseExpand
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On recollections lost: When practice makes imperfect
Recent research has demonstrated that the act of remembering can prompt forgetting or, more specifically, the inhibition of specific items in memory (M. C. Anderson & B. A. Spellman, 1995). This lineExpand
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Constant integer multiplication using minimum adders
A new method of formulating constant integer multiplication is presented. It requires fewer adders in general than a canonic signed-digit (CSD) representation. Graphs are used to illustrateExpand
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New evidence on the suggestibility of memory: the role of retrieval-induced forgetting in misinformation effects.
Extending recent work that has demonstrated that the act of remembering can result in the inhibition of related items in memory, the present research examined whether retrieval-induced forgettingExpand
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Onset Detection in Musical Audio Signals
This paper presents work on changepoint detection in musical audio signals, focusing on the case where there are note changes with low associated energy variation. Several methods are described andExpand
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Time Frequency Reassignment: A Review and Analysis
Time-frequency reassignment is a relatively old but under-explored method for time frequency analysis. This report reviews previous research on reassignment and relates it to instantaneous frequencyExpand
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Simplified Design of Constant Coefficient Multipliers
In many digital signal processing algorithms, e.g., linear transforms and digital filters, the multiplier coefficients are constant. Hence, it is possible to implement the multiplier using shifts,Expand
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Common subexpression elimination algorithm for low-cost multiplierless implementation of matrix multipliers
The design of multiplierless implementations (which use only adders, subtracters and binary shifts) of fixed-point matrix multipliers is considered and a new common subexpression elimination methodExpand
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Static weight estimation and system design for multiple-sensor weigh-in-motion
Abstract A probabilistic estimation method for multiple-sensor weigh-in-motion (MS-WIM) based on the maximum likelihood (ML) estimator is presented. The theoretical analysis is based on two genericExpand
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