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Simulation of ST segment changes during subendocardial ischemia using a realistic 3-D cardiac geometry
The mechanisms underlying the ST segment shifts associated with subendocardial ischemia remain unclear. Expand
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A comparison of non-standard solvers for ODEs describing cellular reactions in the heart
Mathematical models for the electrical activity in cardiac cells are normally formulated as systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The equations are nonlinear and describe processesExpand
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Computing the size and location of myocardial ischemia using measurements of ST-segment shift
We solve the minimization problem for a parameter identification problem to locate the position and size of the ischemic region. Expand
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A linear system of partial differential equations modeling the resting potential of a heart with regional ischemia.
Ischemic ST-segment shift has been modeled using scalar stationary approximations of the bidomain model. Here, we propose an alternative simplification of the bidomain equations: a linear systemExpand
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Synchronizing Computer Simulations with Measurement Data for a Case of Atrial Flutter
In this paper, we propose an algorithm for incorporating mapping data into computer simulations of atrial electrical activity with the purpose of creating a more accurate map of electrical activation. Expand
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An Efficient Non-standard Finite Difference Scheme for an Ionic Model of Cardiac Action Potentials
The ionic movements that generate the electrical activity in a human myocardial cell can be modeled mathematically by sets of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The computational efficiency inExpand
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Let's get emotional: introducing undergraduate Product Design students to the concept of emotional design
In today's highly competitive consumer market it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish products on the basis of their price, quality and technology. Organisations are therefore challengingExpand
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Exploring the Reflective and Utilitarian Benefits of Product Attachment
With heightened environmental concern and the recent global economic crisis a new challenge has emerged for design; to take a more responsible role and tackle sustainability more innovatively. NotExpand
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Do the professionals understand
SUMMARY The article describes the early feelings and experiences of five mothers in coming to terms with the severe mental and physical handicaps of their children, now young adults, as exploredExpand