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General Relativity and Gravitation: A Centennial Perspective
Part I. Einstein's Triumph: 1. 100 years of general relativity George F. R. Ellis 2. Was Einstein right? Clifford M. Will 3. Cosmology David Wands, Misao Sasaki, Eiichiro Komatsu, Roy Maartens andExpand
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Gravitational waves in general relativity XIV. Bondi expansions and the ‘polyhomogeneity’ of ℐ
The structure of polyhomogeneous space-times (i.e. space-times with metrics which admit an expansion in terms of r-j logi r) constructed by a Bondi-Sachs type method is analysed. The occurrence ofExpand
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Finding and using exact solutions of the Einstein equations
The evolution of the methods used to find solutions of Einstein’s field equations during the last 100 years is described. Early papers used assumptions on the coordinate forms of the metrics. SinceExpand
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On determining the isometry group of a riemannian space
We present an extension of the recently discussed algorithm [1, 2] for deciding the equivalence problem for Riemannian metrics. The extension determines the structure constants of the isometry groupExpand
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Algebraic computing in general relativity : lecture notes from the First Brazilian School on Computer Algebra
SHEEP: A computer algebra system for general relativity: An overview of SHEEP Using SHEEP and CLASSI Using CLASSI to classify metrics The internals of SHEEP Packages for special occasions STENSORExpand
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An Ordinary Differential Equation Solver for Reduce
Progress and plans for the implementation of an ordinary differential equation solver in REDUCE 3.3 are reported; the aim is to incorporate the best available methods for obtaining closed-form solutions, and to aim at the ‘best possible alternative when this fails. Expand
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