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Some specific features of nitrogen fixation in the digestive tract of the European beaver (Castor fiber)
The European beaver is an important component of aquatic and bog ecosystems; in the European part of Russia, its population density reaches nine animals per kilometer of the coastline. Expand
Microbial transformation of nitrogen in water-stable aggregates of various soil types
The relationship between the composition of the final products of denitrification and the size of water-stable aggregates of various soils was found. The share of molecular nitrogen rises and that ofExpand
Microscopic fungi producing nitrous oxide in nutrient media and in sterile soil
Different species of soil micromycetes from the classes Deuteromycetes and Ascomycetes were found to produce nitrous oxide under low partial pressure of oxygen and the presence of nitrites in theExpand
Effect of salts on the denitrification product ratio in soils
The effect of some salts (chlorides, sulfates, and carbonates) and their mixtures in different concentrations on the stages of the denitrification process has been studied for three soil typesExpand
Physiological and biochemical properties of the bacterial association of Klebsiella terrigena E6 and Bacillus firmus E3
Physiological and biochemical properties of the natural rhizospheric association of Klebsiella terrigena E6 and Bacillus firmus E3 were studied. It was demonstrated that this association fixedExpand
Impact of environmental factors of nitrous oxide reduction in some soil types
The impact of temperature, pH, redox potential, nitrates, and nitrites content on the rate of nitrous-oxide microbial reduction in a number of soil types has been assessed. The denitrificationExpand
The role of microorganisms in the ecological functions of soils
It is shown that peatlands and paleosols are natural banks, where microbes can be preserved in a viable state for tens of thousands years and the high population density and diversity of microorganisms are necessary to maintain the turnover of chemical elements in terrestrial ecosystems. Expand
The transformation of nitrous oxide by denitrifyng bacteria in solonchaks
The activity and biomass of denitrifying microorganisms were determined in nine types of soils with different degrees of salinization. The dependence between the decrease in N 2 O consumption and theExpand