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Explosive Electron Emission Ignition at the “W-Fuzz” Surface Under Plasma Power Load
The essentially nonstationary explosivelike character of erosion-emission processes was revealed by analyzing the plasma action onto a nanostructured W-fuzz surface. It was found that such a fineExpand
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Internal plasma pressure peaking in low-shear open and closed magnetic confinement systems
The plasma convective (flute-interchange) stability for low magnetic shear systems, with a low collisionality and a low beta, is considered in terms of the necessary and sufficient collisionlessExpand
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On the negative anode voltage fall of high-current vacuum arc: PIC-modelling results
The numerical modelling of the interaction of vacuum arc plasma with the anode surface has been performed by PIC method. It has been found that the anode potential fall remains negative even for theExpand
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Magnetic field influence on the ecton processes ignition and sustainment
The dynamics of the dense pulsed plasma of the explosive emission center has been considered with taking into account applied magnetic field influence on the ignition and sustainment of the ectonExpand
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Stable anisotropic plasma confinement in magnetic configurations with convex-concave field lines
It is shown that a combination of the convex and the concave part of a field line provides a strong stabilizing action against convective(flute-interchange)plasmainstability(Tsventoukh2011Nucl.Expand
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Plasma confinement by magnetic field with convex-concave field lines
It has been found that plasma confinement by the magnetic field of alternating-sign curvature with convex–concave field lines results in a strong stabilizing action against convectiveExpand
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Ignition and sustainment of the explosive electron emission cyclic pulses — Ectons by plasma-surface interaction
The ignition and sustainment of the explosive electron emission cycles - ectons has been considered from point of view plasma-surface interactions. Intense plasma action onto the surface (in form ofExpand
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The ecton model of unipolar arcing at fine-structured surface
Summary form only given. The initiation of the explosive electron emission pulses - ectons being responsible for the ignition and burning of a vacuum discharge, in particular, - unipolar arcs1. TheExpand
Use of internal current rings in long closed magnetic confinement systems
A closed magnetic confinement system is considered in the shape a corrugated torus into one or several mirror cells of which current rings are introduced that reverse the magnetic field on the axis.Expand
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On the formation of the angular distribution of ions of different spices in a plasma jet of a vacuum arc with composite cathode
This paper deals with the computer modeling of vacuum arc with composite multicomponent cathode. This arc is typical for certain kind of ion sources, plasma generator and vacuum interrupters. TheExpand
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