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Rhipidoglossa and docoglossa
Land- and freshwater Shells collected by Dr. H. ten Kate in Soemba, Timor and other East-Indian islands
The shells collected by Dr. ten Kate, are from localities which were still very imperfectly or not at all explored. To the latter category belongs the isle of Soemba, which has furnished a few veryExpand
Description of a new species of Drillia
Shell elongate, dark fleshy brown, with large white riblike nodules and a white infra-sutural line; whorls 10, the apical ones a little eroded, smooth, the next 2 with rather indistinct ribs, theExpand
A new Potamides
Shell pyramidal, slightly decollated, thin, fragile, moderately shining, blackish-brown, remaining whorls 6½, inflated, with a deep suture; sculpture consisting of flat ridges separated byExpand
Zoological results of the Dutch Scientific Expedition to Central Borneo
As the reader will see from the head of this paper, the collections are principally made in the interior of the island and therefore almost entirely restricted to terrestrial and freshwater forms.Expand
On a new species of Lanistes
Testa sinistrorsa, anguste umbilicata, conico-globosa, aut flavido- aut viridi-olivacea, semper fasciis spiralibus purpureis angustis in anfr. ultimo picta; spira scalaris, magis minusve conica; apexExpand