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Biodiversity Of Helminth Parasites Of Fishes In The Arabian Gulf, With Special Reference To Digenetic Trematodes And Cestodes
Variations in the prevalence and the generic diversity of digenetic trematodes and cestodes in fishes of the Arabian Gulf are presented together with a discussion on certain aspects of the relationships between these helminths with their respective fish hosts. Expand
Two trematodes of genus Pedunculacetabulum Yamaguti, 1934 from Red Sea fishes.
Studies on digenetic trematodes of the genus Prosthodendrium Dollfus, 1931 from some Egyptian bats. 2. Trematodes of the subgenus Paralecithodendrium Odhner, 1911.
A review of the subgenus Paralecithodendrium Odhner, 1911 is presented and it is indicated that this species is a very variable one. Expand
A review of the trematode genus Anchitrema Looss, 1899 (Dicrocoeliidae), with a redescription of Anchitrema sanguineum (Sonsino, 1894) and Anchitrema longiformis n. sp. from some Egyptian bats
The genus Anchitrema Looss, 1899, is reviewed and the validity of some of its species is discussed, including A. sanguineum, which is redescribed from five species of Egyptian bats, of which two represent new host records of this trematode. Expand
Helminth parasites of fishes from the arabian gulf: 4. On allacanthochasmus lutjani n.sp. And metadena leilae nagaty, 1957 (digenea: cryptogonimidae)
يصف المؤلفون نوعا جديدا من التريماتودات ثنائية العائل هو الأكانثوكازمس لوتياني ، الذي يصيب الأسماك من نوع " النيسر " في المياه القطرية من الخليج العربي . ويتميز النوع الجديد بشكل ومكان المبيضExpand
Studies on the helminth parasites of bats in Egypt and the factors influencing their occurrence with particular reference to digenetic trematodes
An attempt has been made to study the factors influencing the host-parasite system particularly host specificity, diet and sex of the host and the interrelationship between individual members of the parasitic fauna. Expand
Helminth parasites of fishes from the arabian gulf 2 . the digenetic trematode genera Hamacreadium linton, 1910 and cainocreadium Nicoll, 1909
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