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A survey of spider taxa new to Israel (Arachnida: Araneae)
This paper presents a survey of spider species that have not been previously recorded for Israel. Twenty species, twelve genera and two families (Mysmenidae and Phyxelididae) are recorded for the
On new and interesting records of spiders from northern Pakistan and India (Aranei)
The present work shows new faunistic and taxonomic data on nine species from Northern Pakistan and India belonging to the families Gnaphosidae, Lycosidae and Theridiidae. Berlandina afghana Denis,
Studies on species of Holarctic Pardosa groups (Araneae, Lycosidae). VIII. The Palearctic species of the Pardosa nigra group.
The eight Palearctic species of the Pardosa nigra group are reviewed, illustrated and keyed. Two of them are redescribed: Pardosa lyrata (Odenwall, 1901) and P. paramushirensis (Nakatsudi, 1937). The
A review of the spider genus Haplodrassus Chamberlin, 1922 in Crimea (Ukraine) and adjacent areas (Araneae, Gnaphosidae)
Four Crimean Haplodrassus species have only one peak of activity of adult specimens during the year, and these phenological differences probably represent an additional mechanism of reproductive isolation between the two species.
A survey of the Porrhoclubiona Lohmander, 1944 from Central Asia (Araneae, Clubiondae)
SEM study of the structure considered earlier as scopula in Clubiona and Porrhoclubiona reveals that it is represented by several lateral rows of movable macrosetae (spines) with a locking mechanism.
Redescription of the type species of Diaphorocellus Simon, 1893 (Araneae, Palpimanidae, Chediminae)
The type species of Diaphorocellus Simon, 1893, is redescribed, and the South African D. biplagiatus is described for the first time, including the copulatory organs of both sexes, previously undescribed for any species of the genus.
A redescription of the ant mimicking spider Myrmecium gounellei (Araneae: Corinnidae, Castianeirinae), with notes on the genus.
Myrmecium Latreille, 1824 is a relatively large genus of Castianeirinae with 16 species, distributed exclusively in the Neotropics, and its taxonomy is very poorly studied.
New data about orb-weaving spiders (Aranei: Araneidae and Tetragnathidae) from the Russian Far East
Two species described by Bakhvalov from the Russian Far East are synonymized: Gibbaranea abscissa (Karsch, 1879) = Araneus amurius Bakhvalov, 1981, syn.n.; Plebs sachalinensis (S. Saito, 1934) =
A survey of East Palaearctic Gnaphosidae (Araneae). 2. Two new Gnaphosa Latreille, 1804 species from Western Mongolia
Two new species of Gnaphosa khovdensis and G. esyunini are described from Khovd Aimag of Mongolia and are assigned to a monophyletic group together with the recently described G. ustyuzhanini of Mongolia.
A New Genus of Tetragnathid Spiders from Papua New Guinea (Aranei, Tetragnathidae)
Abstract Nediphya gen. n. and four new species, N. lehtineni sp. n. (type species), N. hippai sp. n., N. lyleae sp. n. and N. padillai sp. n. are described from Papua New Guinea. Some somatic