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Israeli Activism American-Style: Civil Liberties, Environmental and Peace Organization as Pressure Groups for Social Change, 1970s-1990s
LIKE THE UNITED STATES, ISRAEL has become a complicated mosaic culturally, ethnically, demographically, and politically, giving rise to considerable problems and conXicts. Seeking solutions toExpand
North African Jewry in the Twentieth Century: The Jews of Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria
Before widescale emigration in the early 1960s, North Africa's Jewish communities were among the largest in the world. Without Jewish emigrants from North Africa, Israel's dynamic growth would simplyExpand
A Difficult Inheritance: Moroccan Society under King Muhammad VI
This article addresses King Hasan II's legacy and the central problems facing his son and successor, Muhammad VI. These problems include the need for reform in human rights and democracy, theExpand
Egyptian Jewry under the Nasser regime, 1956–70
Jews have lived in Egypt ever since they established a small colony in Upper Egypt on the Island of Elephantine, before the Babylonian Exile. Many came to that country following the conquest of JudeaExpand
The Jews of the Middle East and North Africa in modern times
Part I: Thematic Section Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jewry: The Historical Background 700-1700, by Jane GerberEurope in the Middle East, by Reeva S. SimonEconomic Life, by Michael M. Laskier andExpand
Jewish emigration from Morocco to Israel: government policies and the position of international Jewish organizations, 1949–56
The purpose of this study is twofold: first, to analyse the changing policies of the French Protectorate authorities in regard to aliyah from 1949 when the French tolerated this process, until 1956Expand