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Karyotypes of a Cryptic Diploid Form of the Unisexual Leposoma percarinatum (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) and the Bisexual Leposoma ferreirai from the Lower Rio Negro, Amazonian Brazil
Abstract Karyotypes of Leposoma show a clear differentiation between species of the scincoides group from Brazilian Atlantic Forest (2n  =  52, without distinctive size groups of chromosomes) andExpand
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On the distinctiveness of Amapasaurus, its relationship with Loxopholis Cope 1869, and description of a new genus for L. guianensis and L. hoogmoedi (Gymnophthalmoidea/Ecpleopodini: Squamata).
Amapasaurus is a monotypic genus of forest lizards never accessed molecularly and, based on morphological similarities, suggested to be closely related to species of the former Leposoma parietaleExpand
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Karyological study of Amphisbaena ridleyi (Squamata, Amphisbaenidae), an endemic species of the Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco, Brazil
The karyotype of Amphisbaena ridleyi, an endemic species of the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, in State of Pernambuco, Brazil, is described after conventional staining, Ag-NOR impregnation andExpand
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