M. M. Joglekar

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CONTEXT Kalanchoe pinnata Lam. (Crassulaceae) is used as a traditional medicine worldwide to treat several ailments, including diabetes. However, the mechanism for the antihyperglycemic action is(More)
Cuminum cyminum, a commonly used spice, is known to have anti-diabetic action. The present study aims towards the isolation of bioactive components from C. cyminum and the evaluation of their insulin(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the antiglycating, antidiabetic and antioxidant properties of Aegle marmelos Correa leaf extract and identify the bioactive constituent. METHODS The effect of the chloroform(More)
BACKGROUND Polyol pathway and protein glycation are implicated in establishing secondary complications in diabetes. Their relative contribution to the process needs to be evaluated. It is essential(More)
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