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alpha-Difluoromethylornithine: a promising lead for preventive chemotherapy for coccidiosis.
Inoculated chickens, in which coccidial lesion development was suppressed by DFMO, resisted subsequent challenge exposure with E tenella, as did nontreated infected control birds which had recovered from infection.
Involvement of esterases in sperm penetration of the corona radiata of the ovum.
The data presented here demonstrate that the esterolytic activity present in sperm acrosomes is involved in the dispersal of the corona radiata and thus in the penetration of the intracellular cement of the Corona Radata during the fertilization process.
The synthesis of some N-phosphoryldipeptide aldehydes.
A role for esterases in the fertilization process.
The corona penetrating enzyme of sperm is shown to be esterolytic in nature. This is the first known function of the several sperm esterases and indicates the cementing substance between cells of the