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Thirty‐eight patients with mammary gland tuberculosis were evaluated over a 5‐year period presenting to the surgical unit of our institution. Unilateral involvement of the breast in a womanExpand
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Posterior Rectus Sheath: A Prospective Study of Laparoscopic Live Surgical Anatomy during Total Extraperitoneal Preperitoneal Hernioplasty
Aim: Posterior rectus sheath (PRS) recently assumed great importance during laparoscopic total extraperitoneal preperitoneal (TEPP) hernioplasty. However, literature is scanty and cadaveric. NovelExpand
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Posterior rectus sheath variations: surgical significance and clinical implications for laparoscopic hernia surgeons
Background:  Laparoscopic hernia surgeon needs accurate knowledge of not only of target inguinal region but also of adjacent access areas, but he/she is severely constrained by absence of researchExpand
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Gas in Hepatic Portal Veins with Gastric Massive Dilatation and Pneumatosis in Acute Pancreatitis.
Gas in portal veins is a rare phenomenon observed secondary to bowel ischaemia and necrosis. A young girl with history of pica ingestion presented with acute abdomen with huge distension.Expand
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Effective rectus sheath canal: does it affect total extraperitoneal approach for inguinal mesh hernioplasty? -
Objectives: This study aimed to compare the effects of the 1st port placement at two different levels below umbilicus during the total extraperitoneal (TEP) laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia andExpand
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TEPP hernioplasty: Outcome of a prospective study & attainable ‘Zero Accident Vision’ for serious complications and recurrence
Abbreviations: TEPP/TEP, total extraperitoneal preperitoneal hernioplasty; TAPP, transabdominal preperitoneal hernioplasty; Endovision, endoscopic vision; OT, operation time; EOP, ease of procedure;Expand
Intraperitoneal Drainage Under Local Anaesthesia In Patients Of Perforation Peritonitis Before Definitive Management: Is It Justified?
Introduction: Perforation peritonitis is one of the most frequently encounter surgical emergency around the world. In spite of advances in diagnosis, antimicrobial therapy, surgery, it remains aExpand
Incidentally discovered giant mucocele of the appendix.
Mucocele of the appendix is a rare but well-recognized entity that can mimic several common clinical conditions or present as an incidental radiological or surgical finding at laparotomy. MucocelesExpand
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Radial Artery Pedicle Flap To Cover Exposed Mesh After Abdominal Wound Dehiscence-An Easy Solution To A Difficult Problem
Abdominal wall dehiscence poses a difficult problem to treat. It is ever difficult to treat an exposed mesh when it is utmost important to retain it to give strength to the abdominal wall. Many flapsExpand
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