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Image Retrieval Using Interactive Genetic Algorithm
We propose a content-based image retrieval system based on interactive genetic algorithm (IGA) for better approximation with user interaction. Expand
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The Language of Truthful and Deceptive Denials and Confessions
This study examined differences in language usage as a function of message veracity and speech act type. A quasi-experiment crossed truthful and deceptive messages with confessions and denials in anExpand
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Framework for surveillance of instant messages
In this paper, we proposed a suspicious message detection system SMDs to detect suspicious messages. Expand
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Framework for surveillance of instant messages in instant messengers and social neworking sites using data mining and ontology
Innumerable terror and suspicious messages are sent through Instant Messengers (IM) and Social Networking Sites (SNS) which are untraced, leading to hindrance for network communications and cyberExpand
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Classification of lung cancer subtypes by data mining technique
An integrated classification decision tree induction algorithm is applied on these biomarkers of NSCLC cancers for the phenotypic classification of lung cancer is proposed in this paper. Expand
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Deceptive phishing detection system: From audio and text messages in Instant Messengers using Data Mining approach
  • M. M. Ali, L. Rajamani
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Pattern Recognition…
  • 21 March 2012
Deceptive Phishing is the major problem in Instant Messengers, much of sensitive and personal information, disclosed through socio-engineered text messages for which solution is proposed[2] but,Expand
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Decision tree induction: Priority classification
Attribute oriented induction (AOI) and relevance analysis incorporated with concept hierarchy's knowledge and height-balancing tree (AVL tree) for construction of decision tree. Expand
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SDF: psychological Stress Detection Framework from Microblogs using Pre-defined rules and Ontologies
Spreading of Unwanted microblogs from Social Networking Sites (SNS) is pervasive  in social media that leads to unaccountable disturbances such as Mental disorders. Expand
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Kinematic Analysis of 6-DOF Arms for H20 Mobile Robots and Labware Manipulation for Transportation in Life Science Labs
This paper presents the kinematic analysis of the H20 humanoid mobile robot. The kinematic analysis for the robot arms is essential to achieve accurate grasping and placing tasks for objectExpand
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Overcoming unsustainability: retrofitting American suburbs with high-density built environment
The problems of suburbs are well-known: suburban sprawl, dependency on automobiles and consequent waste of energy, greater carbon footprint, loss of land, etc. These problems can be overcome, beforeExpand
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