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SuperHirn – a novel tool for high resolution LC‐MS‐based peptide/protein profiling
Label‐free quantification of high mass resolution LC‐MS data has emerged as a promising technology for proteome analysis. Computational methods are required for the accurate extraction of peptideExpand
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High resolution PTR-TOF: Quantification and formula confirmation of VOC in real time
We present the unprecedented capability to identify and quantify volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by means of proton transfer reaction time-of-flight (PTR-TOF) mass spectrometry on-line with highExpand
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Automatic ultrasound-MRI registration for neurosurgery using the 2D and 3D LC2 Metric
We present two automatic image registration algorithms using the similarity measure Linear Correlation of Linear Combination (LC(2)) to align either freehand US slices or US volumes with MRI images. Expand
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Machine learning approaches to lung cancer prediction from mass spectra
We addressed the problem of discriminating between 24 diseased and 17 healthy specimens on the basis of protein mass spectra. To prepare the data, we performed mass to charge ratio (m/z)Expand
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QuickMod: A tool for open modification spectrum library searches.
We present a rapid modification tolerant spectrum library search tool QuickMod, designed to identify modified variants of the peptides listed in the spectrum library without any prior input from the user estimating the modifications present in the sample. Expand
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Eigenvalue Decomposition as a Generalized Synchronization Cluster Analysis
We show that in order to focus the analysis on synchronization relations, it is possible to replace the matrix of correlation coefficients with a matrix of indices of bivariate phase synchronization strength. Expand
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Triacyl-lipopentapeptide adjuvants: TLR2-dependent activation of macrophages and modulation of receptor-mediated cell activation by altering acyl-moieties.
Synthetic lipopeptides derived from bacterial lipoprotein are efficient immunoadjuvants. In vitro they activate antigen presenting cells (APCs) to induce the translocation of nuclear factor kappa BExpand
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Introducing a localised spatio-temporal LCI method with wheat production as exploratory case study
Abstract The use of dynamical information, which is temporally and spatially explicit, to quantify environmental impacts is gaining importance in recent years. Life Cycle Assessment has been appliedExpand
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Quantum Kolmogorov Complexity and the Quantum Turing Machine
The purpose of this thesis is to give a formal definition of quantum Kolmogorov complexity (QC), and rigorous mathematical proofs of its basic properties. The definition used here is similar to thatExpand
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How to Add a Noninteger Number of Terms: From Axioms to New Identities
We derive a unique definition of sums with a noninteger number of addends that generalize well-known classical sum identities in a natural way. Expand
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