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Phylogeny and biogeography of exacum (gentianaceae): a disjunctive distribution in the Indian ocean basin resulted from long distance dispersal and extensive radiation.
Disjunctive distributions across paleotropical regions in the Indian Ocean Basin (IOB) often invoke dispersal/vicariance debates. Exacum (Gentianaceae, tribe Exaceae) species are spread around theExpand
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High variation and strong phylogeographic pattern among cpDNA haplotypes in Taxus wallichiana (Taxaceae) in China and North Vietnam
We studied the phylogeography of Chinese yew (Taxus wallichiana), a tree species distributed over most of southern China and adjacent regions. A total of 1235 individuals from 50 populations fromExpand
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Geological and ecological factors drive cryptic speciation of yews in a biodiversity hotspot.
The interplay of orographic uplift and climatic changes in the Himalaya-Hengduan Mountains region (HHM) have had a key role in speciation and population demography. To gain further insight into theseExpand
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Molecular systematics and remodelling of Chirita and associated genera (Gesneriaceae)
The polyphyletic genus Chirita is remodelled after an extensive molecular phylogenetic study of species assigned to it and to other associated genera. Most of Chirita sect. Chirita and the monotypicExpand
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DNA barcoding for the discrimination of Eurasian yews (Taxus L., Taxaceae) and the discovery of cryptic species
There is currently international interest in the application of DNA barcoding as a tool for plant species discrimination and identification. In this study, we evaluated the utility of five candidateExpand
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Diversity of cycloidea -like Genes in Gesneriaceae in Relation to Floral Symmetry
Abstract Homology assessment of cycloidea -like genes was carried out in Gesneriaceae, a predominantly zygomorphic family in which several independent reversals to actinomorphy have occurred, as aExpand
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Phylogenetic position and generic differentiation of Epithemateae (Gesneriaceae) inferred from plastid DNA sequence data.
The systematic position and generic differentiation of the morphologically and geographically outstanding tribe Epithemateae (Gesneriaceae) was analyzed using the rbcL/atpB-spacer and trnL-FExpand
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The Role of KNOX Genes in the Evolution of Morphological Novelty in Streptocarpusw⃞
The genus Streptocarpus comprises species with diverse body plans. Caulescent species produce leaves from a conventional shoot apical meristem (SAM), whereas acaulescent species lack a conventionalExpand
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High nrDNA ITS polymorphism in the ancient extant seed plant Cycas: incomplete concerted evolution and the origin of pseudogenes.
Molecular studies of six species from the ancient extant seed plant Cycas, covering a wide range of its morphological diversity and all major areas of distribution, revealed a high level ofExpand
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A new delineation for Oreocharis incorporating an additional ten genera of Chinese Gesneriaceae
Based on molecular data and a morphological evaluation, evidence is provided that the species of eleven, mostly small-sized and monotypic genera of Chinese Gesneriaceae (Ancylostemon, Bournea,Expand
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