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Heteropagus (parasitic) twins: a review.
A novel nonsense substitution identified in the AMIGO2 gene in an Occulo-Auriculo-Vertebral spectrum patient.
Analyses revealed that the proband carried a de novo germ line nonsense substitution in AMIGO2 gene, and missense substitutions in ZCCHC14, and in SZT2 genes, which are considered a stronger candidate for OAVS.
Posterior Pharyngeal Augmentation in the Treatment of Velopharyngeal Insufficiency: A 40-Year Experience
Augmentation of the posterior pharyngeal wall is a safe and effective treatment for patients with VPI and Implants are well tolerated and speech is substantially improved.
Aggressive osteoblastoma of the mandible.
Median Facial Cleft Dysmorphism in Three Siblings: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Three cases of median facial cleft dysmorphism are reported, all of which occurred in siblings of the same family; the clinical features are described and support to the published literature suggesting an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern is given.
Dentoalveolar infections.
rhBMP-2 with a Demineralized Bone Matrix Scaffold versus Autologous Iliac Crest Bone Graft for Alveolar Cleft Reconstruction
RhBMP-2 encased in a demineralized bone matrix scaffold appears to be a viable alternative for secondary alveolar cleft repair and patients are spared donor-site morbidity and achieve excellent results, decreasing operative time, and increasing operating room use.
Techniques for Labia Minora Reduction: An Algorithmic Approach
A novel algorithm is described for matching the optimal surgical technique for each patient based on her degree of hypertrophy and aesthetic goals.
Reconstruction of full-thickness calvarial defect: a role for artificial dermis.
The use of artificial dermis and subsequent skin grafting, as was performed in this case, provides a less invasive, less intensive, and satisfactory means of soft tissue reconstruction for full-thickness calvarial defects.
Postoperative alopecia following orthognathic surgery.