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Measuring Progress and Evolution in Science and Technology - Ii: The Multiple Uses of Technometric Indicators
Science and technology development have become critical instruments in the public policy arena given their demonstrated impact on economic progress. As a consequence, a wide array of indicators forExpand
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Linking science to technology: Using bibliographic references in patents to build linkage schemes
In this paper, we develop a method to design a linkage scheme that links the systems of science and technology through the use of patent citation data. Expand
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Publication delays in the science field and their relationship to the ageing of scientific literature
This article presents an exploratory analysis of publication delays in the science field. Expand
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Towards Research Performance in the Humanities
This paper describes a general methodology for developing bibliometric performance indicators. Expand
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Bibliometric assessment of research performance in Flanders: policy background and implications
We illustrate the use of bibliometric tools in the evaluation of scientific research conducted at Flemish universities and publicly funded research organisations, and in the assessment ofExpand
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Combining mapping and citation analysis for evaluative bibliometric purposes: a bibliometric study
The general aim of the article is to demonstrate how the results both of a structural analysis, and of a research performance assessment, can be enriched by combining elements of both into one integrated analysis. Expand
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A study of research evaluation and planning: the University of Ghent
Until recently, little attention was paid in Belgium to the efficiency of the research system. The University of Ghent was the first Belgian university to decide to perform a systematic evaluation ofExpand
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Bibliometric indicators of university research performance in Flanders
During the past few years, bibliometric studies were conducted on research performance at three Flemish universities : The University of Ghent, the Catholic University of Leuven, and the UniversityExpand
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The effects of changes in the funding structure of the Flemish universities on their research capacity, productivity and impact during the 1980's and early 1990's
This article addresses the following issues: How did external funding of Flemish academic research develop during the 1980's and early 1990's? What are the effects of the increase of external fundingExpand
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