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Gene expression in the brain of a migratory songbird during breeding and migration
BackgroundWe still have limited knowledge about the underlying genetic mechanisms that enable migrating species of birds to navigate the globe. Here we make an attempt to get insight into the geneticExpand
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Characterization of a divergent chromosome region in the willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus using avian genomic resources
Genome scans have made it possible to find outlier markers thought to have been influenced by divergent selection in almost any wild population. However, the lack of genomic information in nonmodelExpand
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Genetic differences between willow warbler migratory phenotypes are few and cluster in large haplotype blocks
It is well established that differences in migratory behavior between populations of songbirds have a genetic basis but the actual genes underlying these traits remains largely unknown. In an attemptExpand
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Characterisation of a transcriptome to find sequence differences between two differentially migrating subspecies of the willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus
BackgroundAnimal migration requires adaptations in morphological, physiological and behavioural traits. Several of these traits have been shown to possess a strong heritable component in birds, butExpand
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Peer Review Organizations: Scientific Challenges in HCFA's Health Care Quality Improvement Initiative
Since the early 1960s, public policymakers have focused on health care issues and the need to improve the health care system of the United States. At first, the predominant concern was access toExpand
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Comparative analysis examining patterns of genomic differentiation across multiple episodes of population divergence in birds
Heterogeneous patterns of genomic differentiation are commonly documented between closely related populations and there is considerable interest in identifying factors that contribute to theirExpand
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Creation of state-level Medicare database for healthcare evaluation applications.
The Health Care Quality Improvement Initiative (HCQII) of the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) calls for Professional Review Organizations (PROs) to undertake pattern analysis of largeExpand
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No evidence for assortative mating within a willow warbler migratory divide
IntroductionIn contact zones, genetic mixing of two taxa can be restricted by prezygotic (e.g. assortative mating) or postzygotic (lower fitness of hybrid offspring) barriers, or a combination of theExpand
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Allelic Variation in a Willow Warbler Genomic Region Is Associated with Climate Clines
Local adaptation is an important process contributing to population differentiation which can occur in continuous or isolated populations connected by various amounts of gene flow. The willow warblerExpand
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