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Chiral symmetry and O(a) improvement in lattice QCD
Abstract The dominant cutoff effects in lattice QCD with Wilson quarks are proportional to the lattice spacing a . In particular, the isovector axial current satisfies the PCAC relation only up toExpand
Non-perturbative O(a) improvement of lattice QCD
The coefficients multiplying the counterterms required for O(a) improvement of the action and the isovector axial current in lattice QCD are computed non-perturbatively, in the quenched approximationExpand
A portable high-quality random number generator for lattice field theory simulations
Abstract The theory underlying a proposed random number generator for numerical simulations in elementary particle physics and statistical mechanics is discussed. The generator is based on anExpand
A Precise determination of the running coupling in the SU(3) Yang-Mills theory
A non-perturbative finite-size scaling technique is used to study the evolution of the running coupling (in a certain adapted scheme) in the SU(3) Yang-Mills theory. At low energies contact is madeExpand
Non-perturbative renormalization of lattice QCD at all scales
Abstract A general strategy to solve the non-perturbative renormalization problem in lattice QCD, using finite-size techniques and numerical simulations, is described. As an illustration we discussExpand
Background field technique and renormalization in lattice gauge theory
Abstract Lattice gauge theory with a background gauge field is shown to be renormalizable to all orders of perturbation theory. No additional counterterms are required besides those already needed inExpand
Universality and the approach to the continuum limit in lattice gauge theory
Abstract The universality of the continuum limit and the applicability of renormalized perturbation theory are tested in the SU(2) lattice gauge theory by computing two different non-perturbativelyExpand
Computation of the relation between the bare lattice coupling and the MS coupling in SU(N) gauge theories to two loops
The perturbation expansion of the MS coupling in the SU(N) gauge theory in powers of the bare lattice coupling is extended to two-loop order. A discussion of our results has already been publishedExpand
Coordinate space methods for the evaluation of Feynman diagrams in lattice field theory
We describe an efficient position space technique to calculate lattice Feynman integrals in infinite volume. The method applies to diagrams with massless propagators. For illustration a set ofExpand
Two loop relation between the bare lattice coupling and the MS coupling in pure SU(N) gauge theories
Abstract We report the result of a computation of the relation between the renormalized coupling in the MS scheme of dimensional regularization and the bare coupling in the standard latticeExpand