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Speckle tracking methods for ultrasonic elasticity imaging using short-time correlation
In ultrasound elasticity imaging, strain decorrelation is a major source of error in displacements estimated using correlation techniques. This error can be significantly decreased by reducing theExpand
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Lateral displacement estimation using tissue incompressibility
Using the incompressibility property of soft tissue, lateral displacements can be reconstructed from axial strain measurements. Results of simulations and experiments on gelatin-based tissueExpand
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Theoretical analysis and verification of ultrasound displacement and strain imaging
Evaluation of internal displacement and strain distributions in tissue under externally applied forces is a necessary step in elasticity imaging. To obtain a quantitative image of the elasticExpand
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Adaptive strain estimation using retrospective processing [medical US elasticity imaging]
Because errors in displacement and strain estimates depend on the magnitude of the induced strain, the strain signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) will be a function of the applied deformation. If deformationExpand
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Quantitative elasticity imaging
Quantitative elasticity imaging is investigated for a wide range of gel-based, tissue equivalent phantoms and excised tissue specimens. To do this, strain imaging methods have been developed for veryExpand
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Elasticity imaging for early detection of renal pathology.
Early detection of renal pathology may be possible with elasticity imaging. This hypothesis was experimentally tested by quantitatively imaging internal mechanical strain due to surface deformationsExpand
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An elasticity microscope. Part I: Methods
An elasticity microscope images tissue stiffness at fine resolution. Possible applications include dermatology, ophthalmology, pathology, and tissue engineering. In addition, if the resolutionExpand
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Reconstructive Elasticity Imaging
Changes in soft tissue elasticity are usually related to some abnormal, pathological process. Because the Young’s modulus can differ by orders of magnitude between soft tissues,l there has beenExpand
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Reconstructive Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging for Renal Transplant Diagnosis: Kidney Ex Vivo Results
It may be possible to diagnose and monitor scarring, inflammation and edema in transplant kidney using reconstructive ultrasound elasticity imaging. Kidney elasticity is expected to changeExpand
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Non-linear tissue elasticity: adaptive elasticity imaging for large deformations
In this paper, we explore adaptive imaging of elasticity to estimate nonlinear tissue elasticity. Expand
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