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Trichothecene chemotypes of three Fusarium species
Identification of the mycotoxins produced by different species of Fusarium can serve to verify their classification or to relate the variation of toxigenic potential within a species. Strains of Fu...
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Optimal Nearly Analytic Discrete Approximation to the Scalar Wave Equation
Recently, we proposed the so-called optimal nearly analytic discrete method (onadm) for computing synthetic seismograms in acoustic and elastic wave problems (Yang et al 2004). In this article, weExpand
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Nonlinear vibrations of dynamical systems with a general form of piecewise-linear viscous damping by incremental harmonic balance method
Incremental harmonic balance (IHB) method for computation of periodic solutions of nonlinear dynamical systems is extended here for analysis of a class of periodically excited systems with a generalExpand
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An Optimal Nearly Analytic Discrete Method for 2D Acoustic and Elastic Wave Equations
In this article, we present the so-called optimal, nearly analytic, discrete method (ONADM), which is an improved version of the NADM proposed recently (Yang et al. , 2003a). We compare numericallyExpand
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Bifurcation and chaos of a harmonically excited oscillator with both stiffness and viscous damping piecewise linearities by incremental harmonic balance method
Abstract In this paper, an explicit formulation of the incremental harmonic balance (IHB) scheme for computation of periodic solutions of a harmonically excited oscillator which is asymmetric withExpand
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Blow-up criterion for compressible MHD equations
Abstract In this paper, we study the 3D compressible magnetohydrodynamic equations. We obtain a blow up criterion for the local strong solutions just in terms of the gradient of the velocity, similarExpand
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Long distance contribution to K+ → π+ νν☆
Abstract We estimate the long distance contribution to the K + → π + ν ν decay amplitude using chiral perturbation theory. We find that it is likely to be less than a few percent of the part of theExpand
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An Earthquake Classification Scheme Adapted for Japan Determined by the Goodness of Fit for Ground‐Motion Prediction Equations
Abstract Establishing a set of ground‐motion prediction equations (GMPEs) for Japan requires earthquake source categories in the dataset. Earthquakes are typically divided into three groups: shallowExpand
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Magnitude-Scaling Rate in Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for Response Spectra from Large, Shallow Crustal Earthquakes
Abstract We have evaluated the magnitude-scaling rates (MSRs, the rate of increase in the predicted spectrum with increasing moment magnitude) of five modern ground-motion prediction equationsExpand
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Singularity categories of Gorenstein monomial algebras
In this paper, we study the singularity category $D_{sg}(\mod A)$ and the $\mathbb{Z}$-graded singularity category $D_{sg}(\mod^{\mathbb Z} A)$ of a Gorenstein monomial algebra $A$. Firstly, for aExpand
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