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Amyand’s hernia: A review
The literature on incarceration of the appendix within inguinal hernias is reviewed and current approaches to diagnosis and treatment of Amyand’s hernia are discussed. Expand
The relationship of myocardial bridges to coronary artery dominance in the adult human heart
The purpose of this study was to provide more definitive information on the vessels with myocardial bridges, the length and depth of the bridged segment, and the relationship between the presence of bridges and coronary dominance. Expand
The pediatric Chiari I malformation: a review
Analyzes the literature regarding this form of hindbrain herniation in regard to definition, anatomy, pathobiology, symptoms, findings, treatment, and outcomes to elucidate the optimal selection and treatment criteria. Expand
Musculocutaneous and median nerve connections within, proximal and distal to the coracobrachialis muscle.
Precise knowledge of variations in MCN and MN communications may prove valuable in traumatology of the shoulder joint, as well as in plastic and reconstructive repair operations. Expand
Clinical anatomy of the inferior phrenic artery
The right IPA was always associated with HCC and served as the major collateral artery adjunct to the hepatic artery, and could have major implications in the transcatheter embolization of HCC patients. Expand
Myocardial bridges: A review
The evidence that exists regarding myocardial bridging and the potential for bridging to cause myocardIAL ischemia are discussed and a reduced reserve in coronary blood flow is suggested. Expand
Anatomical variations of the superficial and deep palmar arches.
The use of radial arteries as an arterial bypass conduit is an invasive procedure which is becoming popular among various medical centres. The greatest risk associated with harvesting the radialExpand
Facial asymmetry in young healthy subjects evaluated by statistical shape analysis
It was found that the left side of the face was most commonly dominant in both males and females, and this data may be useful in establishing a database for future similar studies. Expand
Chiari’s network: review of the literature
While initially discovered and researched using autopsy dissections, Chiari’s network is often found as an incidental finding on diagnostic imaging studies, thus providing new methods for studying its incidence and clinical significance. Expand
Primary cardiac angiosarcoma – a review
Primary cardiac angiosarcoma is largely resistant to chemotherapy and/or radiation, however, the exact benefit and its place in a multimodality treatment regimen are still under investigation. Expand