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Electrostatic field distribution at the sharp interface between high density matter and vacuum
Ultrahigh intensity lasers are proven to be particularly suitable for ion acceleration to energies above hundreds of keV and even in the multi MeV range, due to their interaction with either planarExpand
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The Fusion Advanced Studies Torus (FAST): a proposal for an ITER satellite facility in support of the development of fusion energy
FAST is a new machine proposed to support ITER experimental exploitation as well as to anticipate DEMO relevant physics and technology. FAST is aimed at studying, under burning plasma relevantExpand
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Charge separation effects in solid targets and ion acceleration with a two-temperature electron distribution.
The electrostatic field at the solid-vacuum interface generated by two electron populations with different thermal energies, each following a Boltzmann distribution, is analytically derived from theExpand
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Status of the development of the EU 170 GHz/1 MW/CW gyrotron
The progress in the development of the European 170 GHz, 1 MW/CW gyrotron for electron cyclotron heating & current drive (ECHC) on ITER is reported. A continuous wave (CW) prototype is beingExpand
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Nonlinear development of the weibel instability and magnetic field generation in collisionless plasmas
The Weibel instability is expected to be one of the mechanisms at play in the generation of quasi-static magnetic fields by high-intensity laser pulses propagating with relativistic amplitudes inExpand
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Design of the EU-1MW gyrotron for ITER
EU is developing a 1 MW cylindrical cavity gyrotron. In the last year the design of the components of the new gyrotron has been finalized while the technological design of the new tube has beenExpand
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Experimental Verification of the European 1 MW, 170 GHz Industrial CW Prototype Gyrotron for ITER
Abstract The EU 1 MW, 170 GHz gyrotron with hollow cylindrical cavity have been designed within the European GYrotron Consortium (EGYC) in collaboration with the industrial partner Thales ElectronExpand
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Ionization-induced leaking-mode channeling of intense short laser pulses in gases
We demonstrate that short laser pulse self-guiding over distances of many Rayleigh lengths can be achieved in the absence of any focusing nonlinearity as a result of trapping of a leaking wave in aExpand
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One-dimensional model of the electrostatic ion acceleration in the ultraintense laser-solid interaction
Effective ion acceleration of picosecond-duration well-collimated bunches in the strong relativistic interaction of a short laser pulse with a thin solid target has been experimentally demonstrated.Expand
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One-dimensional electromagnetic solitons in a hot electron-positron plasma
The set of relativistic hydrodynamic equations for a two-species plasma is derived with the aim to investigate the interaction between arbitrary amplitude electromagnetic (EM) fields and hot plasmas.Expand
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