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Soot formation in laminar diffusion flames
Laminar, sooting, coflow diffusion flames at atmospheric pressure have been studied experimentally and theoretically as a function of fuel dilution by inert nitrogen. The flames have beenExpand
Soot and thin-filament pyrometry using a color digital camera
Abstract A simple and compact temperature and soot volume fraction diagnostic technique based on ratio pyrometry has been studied. Two different consumer digital single lens reflex cameras wereExpand
A comparison of Raman signatures and laser-induced incandescence with direct numerical simulation of soot growth in non-premixed ethylene/air flames
Abstract The predictions of “soot” concentrations from numerical simulations for nitrogen-diluted, ethylene/air flames are compared with laser-induced incandescence and Raman spectra observed fromExpand
Instantaneous Two-Dimensional Gas Concentration Measurements by Light Scattering
A light-scatteri ng technique which makes it possible to map out the instantaneous concentration field at 104 points in a thin sheet intersecting a nonreacting turbulent flow is described. TheExpand
Laser emission from individual droplets at wavelengths corresponding to morphology-dependent resonances.
Inelastic emission characteristics from individual ethanol droplets (60-microm diameter) containing Rhodamine 6G dye and pumped by a cw laser and confirmed by noting the spectral, temporal, and output-versus-input intensity behavior. Expand
Experimental and computational study of CH, CH*, and OH* in an axisymmetric laminar diffusion flame
In this study, we extend the results of previous combined numerical and experimental investigations of an axisymmetric laminar diffusion flame in which difference Raman spectroscopy, laser-inducedExpand
Quantitative planar laser-induced fluorescence of naphthalenes as fuel tracers
Abstract In planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF), naphthalenes are commonly used as tracers for diesel-like fuels and fuel surrogates. Previously, such a technique was used to visualize theExpand
Instantaneous Ramanography of a turbulent diffusion flame.
The first reported instantaneous two-dimensional map of the fuel-gas concentration in a turbulent diffusion flame using quantitative Ramanography is described. Details of the experimentalExpand
CH(A-X) and OH(A-X) optical emission in an axisymmetric laminar diffusion flame
Abstract Steady-state concentrations of electronically excited CH(A 2 Δ) and OH(A 2 ∑ + ) are extracted from previous quantitative measurements of optical emission from an axisymmetric laminarExpand
Characterization of a coflowing methane/air non-premixed flame with computer modeling, rayleigh-raman imaging, and on-line mass spectrometry
A non-sooting lifted methane/air coflowing non-premixed flame has been studied experimentally and computationally. The flame structure was computed using a model that solves the fully ellipticExpand