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Intermediate-depth brecciation along the subduction plate interface (Monviso eclogite, W. Alps)
Abstract The Monviso meta-ophiolite complex (Northern Italy, Western Alps) represents an almost intact fragment of Tethyan oceanic lithosphere metamorphosed at ~80 km depth (~2.6GPa–550 °C) duringExpand
Transient and periodic brittle deformation of eclogites during intermediate-depth subduction
Abstract Brecciated eclogite clasts from the Monviso ophiolite in the Western Alps fossil subduction zone preserve healed fractures within garnet crystals. These fractures are divided into twoExpand
Landslides falling onto a shallow erodible substrate or water layer: An experimental and numerical approach
Landslides often collapse in areas covered by alluvial deposits forming an erodible layer. This erodible substrate may deform plastically under the intense shear stress of the landslide mass. InExpand
Eclogitic breccias from Monviso (W. Alps) : structural, petrographic and geochemical evidence for multiple rupture stages at intermediate depths in subduction zones
Intermediate-depth earthquakes (40-325 km depth) have been extensively documented within subducting oceanic slab but their triggering mechanisms remain enigmatic due to (I) the instrumentalExpand
Pakistan-Italian Resource Centre and the Enhancement of Multan Walled City
The Pakistan-Italian Resource Centre is a facility that will be tasked to promote the cultural, economic and social development of the city of Multan. It supports the exchange of knowledge andExpand
Granular flow behavior at sharp changes in slope
Geology of the southern Monviso metaophiolite complex (W-Alps, Italy)
ABSTRACT The Monviso metaophiolite complex (W. Alps) is an almost intact fragment of Tethyan oceanic lithosphere metamorphosed to eclogite-facies peak metamorphic conditions during Alpine subduction.Expand
Fingerprinting and relocating tectonic slices along the plate interface: Evidence from the Lago Superiore unit at Monviso (Western Alps)
The Lago Superiore Unit (LSU, Monviso Massif, Italian Western Alps) is a section of fossil oceanic lithosphere equilibrated to eclogite facies conditions (550 °C – 2.8 GPa) during Alpine subductionExpand
Composition of fluids released along a subduction interface with increasing depth: insights from fluid inclusions analysis on the Schistes Lustrés - Monviso transect (Western Alps)
Important amounts of fluids are released in subduction zones by successive dehydration reactions occurring both in the previously hydrated oceanic crust (and mantle) and overlying sedimentary cover.Expand
Eclogitic breccia from the Monviso ophiolite complex: new field and petrographic data
The Monviso meta-ophiolite complex (Northern Italy, Western Alps) represents a coherent portion of oceanic lithosphere metamorphosed under eclogite facies conditions during the Alpine orogeny (2.6Expand