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Uniform designs limit aliasing
When fitting a linear regression model to data, aliasing can adversely affect the estimates of the model coefficients and the decision of whether or not a term is significant. Optimal experimentalExpand
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Construction of E(s2) optimal supersaturated designs using cyclic BIBDs
Abstract In this paper formulas for computing the E(s2) values of some kinds of E(s2) optimal supersaturated designs are given, and a general algorithm of constructing E(s2) optimal supersaturatedExpand
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Optimal mixed-level supersaturated design
A supersaturated design is essentially a fractional factorial in which the number of potential effects is greater than the number of runs. In this paper, E(fNOD) criterion is employed for comparingExpand
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Uniform supersaturated design and its construction
Supersaturated designs are factorial designs in which the number of main effects is greater than the number of experimental runs. In this paper, a discrete discrepancy is proposed as a measure ofExpand
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Computer Experiments With Both Qualitative and Quantitative Variables
A new interface on design and analysis for computer experiments with BQQV is proposed. Expand
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Using Discrepancy to Evaluate Fractional Factorial Designs
Fractional factorial design is arguably the most widely used design in experimental investigation, and uniformity has gained popularity in experimental designs in recent years. In this present paper,Expand
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Construction of column-orthogonal designs for computer experiments
Latin hypercube design and uniform design are two kinds of most popular space-filling designs for computer experiments. The fact that the run size equals the number of factor levels in a LatinExpand
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Latin hypercube designs (LHDs), widely used for computer experiments, are a very large class of designs with desirable properties. Recently, a number of methods have been proposed to constructExpand
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Combinatorial constructions for optimal supersaturated designs
We show that a kind of E ( f NOD )-optimal U-type designs are equivalent to uniformly resolvable designs. Expand
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Uniform sliced Latin hypercube designs
Sliced Latin hypercube designs achieve maximum stratification in each dimension, but neither the full designs nor their slices can guarantee a good uniformity over the experimental region. Expand
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