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Measuring Values With the Short Schwartz's Value Survey
The results show that the new scale had good reliability and validity and that the values measured by the SSVS were arrayed on a circle identical to the theoretical structure of values. Expand
Measurement of ethical food choice motives
The results indicated that the three new scales, Ecological Welfare (including subscales for Animal Welfare and Environment Protection), Political Values and Religion, are reliable and valid instruments for a brief screening of ethical food choice reasons. Expand
Paranormal beliefs, education, and thinking styles
Abstract This study examined connections between paranormal beliefs and educational level, discipline, length of education, gender, and analytical and intuitive thinking. Finnish students ( N  =Expand
Superstitious, magical, and paranormal beliefs: An integrative model
Abstract Lack of conceptual clarity has hampered theory formation and research on superstitious, magical, and paranormal beliefs. This study offers a conceptual framework where these concepts areExpand
Religious people and paranormal believers: Alike or different?
This study aimed at clarifying the relationship between religious and paranormal beliefs, on which previous studies have yielded varying results. It was examined whether the relationship varies byExpand
Biases in intuitive reasoning and belief in complementary and alternative medicine
  • M. Lindeman
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Psychology & health
  • 1 March 2011
The results showed that intuitive thinking, paranormal beliefs and ontological confusions predicted 34% of the variation in CAM beliefs, whereas the 12 other variables increased the prediction only by 4%. Expand
Paranormal beliefs: their dimensionality and correlates
Lack of conceptual clarity and multivariate empirical studies has troubled research on superstitious, magical and paranormal beliefs. We defined paranormal beliefs as beliefs in physical, biologicalExpand
Attitudes towards genetically modified and organic foods
Finnish students filled out a questionnaire on attitudes towards genetically modified and organic food, plus the rational-experiential inventory, the magical thinking about food and health scale, Schwartz's value survey and the behavioural inhibition scale, indicating that OF attitudes are rooted in more fundamental personal attributes than GM attitudes, which are embedded in a more complex but also in aMore modifiable network of characteristics. Expand
Driving Cessation and Health in Older Women
The results suggest that there is a significant number of older women giving up their license while still fit to drive; hence, for many women, driving cessation may imply a voluntary but unnecessary resignation from an active and independent life. Expand
What's in a Term? Paranormal, Superstitious, Magical and Supernatural Beliefs by Any Other Name Would Mean the Same
What are paranormal, superstitious, magical, and supernatural (PSMS) beliefs and what, if anything, separates them? Currently, use of the concepts is ambiguous and agreement is weak. A literatureExpand