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Relational quality and media use in interpersonal relationships
The reason that women use the internet more for relational communication than men may be that women engage in more relational communication across all media. Expand
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Changes in morphological, thermal and pasting properties of yam (Dioscorea alata) starch during growth
Abstract This study was carried out in order to compare and establish the changes in physicochemical properties of starch from four different cultivars of yam at various stages of maturity duringExpand
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Social Interactions across Media: Interpersonal Communication on the Internet, Face-to-Face, and the Telephone
Two studies were conducted in this investigation to compare college students’ interpersonal interaction online, face-to-face, and on the telephone. Our first study, a communication diary, assessedExpand
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Harmony, Hierarchy and Conservatism: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Confucian Values in China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan
This study examined 1,631 college students’ endorsement of traditional Confucian values in four East Asian cultural contexts (i.e., China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan). Findings showed that young peopleExpand
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Accommodation and Institutional Talk: Communicative Dimensions of Police—Civilian Interactions
Communication accommodation theory (CAT) has been described as one of the most prominent theories in communication in general (see Littlejohn & Foss, 2005; Tomsha & Hernandez, 2007) as well as in theExpand
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Conflict-Initiating Factors in Intergenerational Relationships
This study examined American young adults’ written accounts of intergenerational communication with a focus on factors that initiate conflict. Analysis of the conflict scenarios in intergenerationalExpand
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Affiliation, Pride, Exchange, and Distance in Grandparents' Accounts of Relationships with Their College-Aged Grandchildren.
This paper examines grandparents' written accounts of conversations with their college-aged grandchildren. Using a thematic analysis, we describe 4 themes that indicate the place of the relationshipExpand
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A study of enhanced structured web-based discussion in a foreign language learning class
This experimental study aimed to investigate the effect of enhanced structured web discussion on EFL students' language production and the use of cognitive skills. Expand
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Expressed trust and compliance in police‐civilian encounters: the role of communication accommodation in Chinese and American settings
Research has demonstrated that police officers' communicative practices are potent predictors of individuals' expressed reactions to law enforcement. The present study continues this line of work inExpand
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