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Rescuing the N-cadherin knockout by cardiac-specific expression of N- or E-cadherin.
Cell-cell adhesion mediated by some members of the cadherin family is essential for embryonic survival. The N-cadherin-null embryo dies during mid-gestation, with multiple developmental defects. WeExpand
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Transfer of twelve charges is needed to open skeletal muscle Na+ channels
Voltage-dependent Na+ channels are thought to sense membrane potential with fixed charges located within the membrane's electrical field. Measurement of open probability (Po) as a function ofExpand
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A chloride current associated with swelling of cultured chick heart cells.
1. Cultured chick heart cells challenged by hyposmotic stress underwent regulatory volume decrease (RVD) that was attenuated by prior depletion of intracellular chloride. 2. During hyposmoticExpand
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Amino acid loss during volume regulatory decrease in cultured chick heart cells.
Mechanisms of volume regulation in hyposomotically treated cultured chick heart cell preparations were studied using optical, biochemical, and nuclear magnetic resonance methods. This approachExpand
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Cyclic AMP prevents activation of a swelling‐induced chloride‐sensitive conductance in chick heart cells.
1. Changes in myocardial cell volume and whole‐cell currents were measured simultaneously during hyposmotically induced cell swelling. In the conventional patch clamp configuration, hyposmoticExpand
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Cellular magnesium and Na/Mg exchange in heart cells.
The development of new methods capable of resolving important questions concerning the regulation and physiologic importance of cytosolic free mag­ nesium (Mgj) , coupled with the convergence ofExpand
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Leukemogenic Activity of Filtrates from Radiation-Induced Lymphoid Tumors of Mice
Cell-free filtrates of x-ray-induced lymphoid tumors of strain C57BL/ Ka mice have elicited, on injection into newborn isologous hosts, a lymphoma incidence of 15 to 19 percent. In control mice ofExpand
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Ethane Evolution: A New Index of Lipid Peroxidation
Homogenates of mouse liver and brain at 37�C spontaneously formed lipid peroxides and simultaneously evolved ethane. α-Tocopherol, a lipid antioxidant, blocked ethane formation. When mice wereExpand
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Monitoring cytosolic free magnesium in cultured chicken heart cells by use of the fluorescent indicator Furaptra.
Cytosolic free magnesium concentration [Mg2+]i and its regulation were studied in cultured embryonic chicken heart cells by use of the fluorescent indicatorExpand
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Cytosolic free magnesium concentration in cultured chick heart cells.
Cytosolic free magnesium (Mgi) was measured in embryonic chick heart cells loaded with one of two newly developed 19F nuclear magnetic reasonance (NMR)-sensitive magnesium chelators,Expand
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