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Semi-supervised clue fusion for spammer detection in Sina Weibo
In this paper, a novel approach called Semi-Supervised Clue Fusion (SSCF) is proposed to conduct effective spammer detection in Sina Weibo. Expand
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Sparse Multi-Modal Topical Coding for Image Annotation
We propose a non-probabilistic formulation of Probability Topic Models for automatic image annotation, namely Sparse Multi-Modal Topical Coding. Expand
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Recent advances in EAST physics experiments in support of steady-state operation for ITER and CFETR
Since the last IAEA-FEC in 2016, the EAST physics experiments have been developed further in support of high-performance steady-state operation for ITER and CFETR. First demonstration of g100 secondsExpand
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Complete feeds—intensive systems
Abstract Most commercially cultivated fish are raised in high-density systems where the assumption is that the contribution of natural foods to the nutrition of the fish is insignificant. Thus,Expand
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Modeling of EAST scenarioswith the upgraded H/CD systems using METIS code
The heating and current drive (H/CD) capabilities of EAST have been upgraded to a new level over the last few years, which provide a potential to extend operational space and to improve plasma performance. Expand
Preliminary Study of Automobile Lightweight Technology
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SPSD: An alternative attribute for a flow using packet sampling
Packet size distribution (PSD), known as the probability distribution of packet size in a flow, is an important attribute for traffic analysis. Expand