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atTic110 Functions as a Scaffold for Coordinating the Stromal Events of Protein Import into Chloroplasts*
Binding studies demonstrate that a region of the atTic110-soluble domain selectively associates with chloroplast preproteins at the late stages of membrane translocation and suggest that the domain forms a docking site for pre Proteins as they emerge from the Tic translocon. Expand
GOLD HULL AND INTERNODE2 Encodes a Primarily Multifunctional Cinnamyl-Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Rice1
The results suggest GH2 acts as a primarily multifunctional CAD to synthesize coniferyl and sinapyl alcohol precursors in rice lignin biosynthesis. Expand
The Central Element Protein ZEP1 of the Synaptonemal Complex Regulates the Number of Crossovers during Meiosis in Rice[C][W][OA]
It is found that, in rice, the number of crossovers between homologous chromosomes is increased in the absence of synapsis, emphasizing the idea that the role ofsynapsis in crossover formation has diverged among different organisms. Expand
Arabidopsis Tic110 Is Essential for the Assembly and Function of the Protein Import Machinery of Plastidsw⃞
It is demonstrated that Arabidopsis thaliana Tic110 (atTic110) is essential for plastid biogenesis and plant viability, and data suggest that Tic 110 plays a general role in the import of nuclear-encoded preproteins as a common component of Tic complexes. Expand
An essential role for chloroplast heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90C) in protein import into chloroplasts
It is proposed that Hsp90C functions within a chaperone complex in the chloroplast stroma to facilitate membrane translocation during protein import into the organelle. Expand
Mutation on N-terminus of polyhydroxybutyrate synthase of Ralstonia eutropha enhanced PHB accumulation
While several site-specific mutagenesis results revealed the amphiphilic α-helix assembled by the amino acid region, D70–E88 played an important role in both maintaining the PHB synthase activity and regulating molecular weight and polydispersity of accumulated PHB homopolymer. Expand
Activation of gibberellin 2-oxidase 6 decreases active gibberellin levels and creates a dominant semi-dwarf phenotype in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Gibberellin (GA) 2-oxidase plays a key role in the GA catabolic pathway through 2beta-hydroxylation. In the present study, we isolated a CaMV 35S-enhancer activation tagged mutant, H032. This mutantExpand
The structure and allosteric regulation of mammalian glutamate dehydrogenase.
The atomic structures of four new inhibitors complexed with GDH complexes have identified three different allosteric binding sites, which are elucidating the atomic mechanisms of allostery in this complex enzyme. Expand
PAIR3, an axis-associated protein, is essential for the recruitment of recombination elements onto meiotic chromosomes in rice
PAIR3, an axis-associated protein, is essential for bouquet formation, initial homologous pairing and normal recombination, and SC assembly in rice.
OsSGO1 maintains synaptonemal complex stabilization in addition to protecting centromeric cohesion during rice meiosis.
It is found that the centromeric localization of OsSGO1 depends on OsAM1, not other meiotic proteins such as OsREC8, PAIR2, OsMER3, or ZEP1, as well as the timely assembly and maintenance of synaptonemal complexes during early prophase I are affected in Ossgo1 mutants. Expand