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Theories of learning
The doctoral program in Educational Policy and Leadership is designed to foster the development of scholar-practitioners. It asks students not only to inquire deeply into the process of teaching andExpand
Persuasion of a Privately Informed Receiver
We study persuasion mechanisms in linear environments. A privately informed receiver chooses between two actions. A sender designs a persuasion mechanism that can condition the information disclosedExpand
Endovascular stenting for treatment of Nutcracker syndrome: report of 61 cases with long-term followup.
Endovascular stenting is a safe, effective procedure in select adults and recommended as primary option for nutcracker syndrome at long-term followup. Expand
Melody Classification using a Similarity Metric based on Kolmogorov Complexity
Vitanyi and his co-workers [5] have reported some success using a universal similarity metric based on Kolmogorov complexity for a variety of classification tasks, including music genre recognition.Expand
Aberrant Subclavian Artery Pathologies and Kommerell's Diverticulum: A Review and Analysis of Published Endovascular/Hybrid Treatment Options
The results of a literature review to collect the worldwide experience of endovascular/hybrid treatment of ASA are presented and a brief discussion of embryonic development, symptoms, and treatment history are presented. Expand
The left renal entrapment syndrome: diagnosis and treatment.
A retrospective analysis was performed to review 20 patients with left renal vein (LRV) entrapment syndrome and all surgical operations are effective for nutcracker syndrome except excessive invasiveness. Expand
Imaging Cardiovascular Calcification
Current imaging techniques for vascular calcification are summarized and their applications in clinical research are summarized to help identify individuals with enhanced risk of cardiovascular events. Expand
Early Results of Left Carotid Chimney Technique in Endovascular Repair of Acute Non-A–Non-B Aortic Dissections
In short-term follow-up, TEVAR combined with the chimney technique seems promising for aortic dissections that involve the aorti arch with inadequate proximal sealing zones. Expand
Real‐time interactive MRI‐guided cardiac surgery: Aortic valve replacement using a direct apical approach
Real‐time MRI is used to guide the placement of a prosthetic aortic valve in the beating heart via direct apical access in eight porcine hearts to provide patients with a less morbid and more durable solution to structural heart disease. Expand
A stranger in the heart: LRV stent migration
A case of migration of the left renal vein stent into the right ventricle in a patient with nutcracker syndrome is presented and Doppler ultrasonography demonstrated the stent to be patent and well-positioned. Expand