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New algorithm for quantifying vascular changes in dynamic contrast‐enhanced MRI independent of absolute T1 values
In this work, we present a new method for predicting changes in tumor vascularity using only one flip angle in dynamic contrast‐enhanced (DCE) imaging. The usual DCE approach finds the tissue initialExpand
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Frequency Selective Surfaces for Pulsed High-Power Microwave Applications
  • M. Li, N. Behdad
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
  • 1 February 2013
We examine the peak power handling capability of a class of miniaturized-element frequency selective surfaces composed entirely of non-resonant constituting elements. The effects of various designExpand
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UAV path planning method based on ant colony optimization
A new UAV path planning method based on ant colony optimization (ACO) is presented. Expand
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Phosphogypsum stabilization of bauxite residue: Conversion of its alkaline characteristics.
Reduction of the high alkalinity of bauxite residue is a key problem to solve to make it suitable for plant growth and comprehensive utilization. In this study, phosphogypsum, a waste product fromExpand
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Establishment of Reporter Lines for Detecting Fragile X Mental Retardation (FMR1) Gene Reactivation in Human Neural Cells
Human patient‐derived induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) provide unique opportunities for disease modeling and drug development. However, adapting hiPSCs or their differentiated progenies toExpand
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Wideband True-Time-Delay Microwave Lenses Based on Metallo-Dielectric and All-Dielectric Lowpass Frequency Selective Surfaces
  • M. Li, N. Behdad
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
  • 17 May 2013
We present a new technique for designing microwave lenses with broadband, true-time-delay response types. The lenses examined in this work are planar structures with circular apertures populated withExpand
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Liquid-Tunable Frequency Selective Surfaces
In this letter, a new technique for designing tunable frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) with the second-order band-pass response is presented and experimentally verified. The technique is appliedExpand
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Field trial Nyquist-WDM transmission of 8×216.4Gb/s PDM-CSRZ-QPSK exceeding 4b/s/Hz spectral efficiency
We have achieved the first ever field transmission of 8×216.4 Gb/s Nyquist-WDM signals over 1750-km G.652 fiber consisting of 950km field-deployed and 800km lab fibers with 21.6-dB average loss perExpand
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The application of wavelet packet and SVM in rolling bearing fault diagnosis
  • M. Li, Ping Zhao
  • Engineering
  • IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and…
  • 1 August 2008
The method of fault diagnosis of rolling bearings based on wavelet packet transform and support vector machine is presented. The key to fault bearings diagnosis is feature extracting and featureExpand
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Thermoelectric Powered Wireless Sensors for Dry-Cask Storage
This paper describes using thermoelectric generators to power wireless sensors to monitor spent nuclear fuel during dry-cask storage. OrigenArp was used to determine the decay heat of the spent fuelExpand
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