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Structural properties of multi-component silicon oxycarbide glasses derived from metal alkoxide precursors
Abstract Existing sol-gel polymerisation/pyrolysis routes employed to form simple silicon oxycarbide (SiOC) glass compositions have been adapted to form more complex, multi-component glasses basedExpand
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Non-stoichiometric vacancy order in vanadium monoxide
An electron microscope study has been made of the nominally cubic vanadium monoxide phase. Crystals of different composition varying over the whole phase field were grown by the floating zone andExpand
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High-resolution silicon-29 nuclear magnetic resonance in the Y-Si-O-N system
The isotropic /sup 29/Si chemical shifts for the complete range of mixed tetrahedral coordinations SiO/sub x/N/sub 4-x/(0 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 4) have been obtained by usingExpand
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The formation of single-phase Si-Al-O-N ceramics
Si-Al-O-N ceramics have been prepared by hot-pressing mixtures of Si3N4, AIN and SiO2 (with an addition of 1% MgO) having varying ratios of AIN/SiO2. Microstructural analysis by transmission electronExpand
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Comparison of venous and capillary blood sampling for the clinical determination of tobramycin serum concentrations.
Tobramycin concentrations have been determined in serum from capillary, venous and arterial blood samples taken from 16 patients during and after surgery. In 73 paired samples the concentrations inExpand
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A High-Resolution NMR Study of the La-Si-Al-O-N System
Hieh-resolution 27Al, 29Si, and 139La NMR spectra have been obtained from crystalline phases of the La-Si-Al-O-N system. These results have further defined the 29Si chemical shift ranges in mixedExpand
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Structural characterization of ceramic phases with high-resolution 27Al NMR
High-resolution solid-state 27Al NMR spectra have been obtained from ALON, β′-sialon and yttrium aluminate phases. The usefulness of 27Al magic-angle spinning NMR in phase characterization is shownExpand
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Modified enzyme immunoassays for tobramycin using reduced sample and reagent volumes.
The accuracy of two modified enzyme immunoassay (EMIT) methods using reduced sample and reagent volumes for determining serum tobramycin concentrations was compared with that of the standard method.Expand
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Structure and degradation of tyranno fibres
Abstract Tyranno fibre structure and stability have been studied using magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and electron-optical methods. Tyranno is a non-crystallineExpand
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Apparent fracture toughness of Si3N4-based laminates with residual compressive or tensile stresses in surface layers
The effect of macroscopic residual stresses on the fracture resistance and stable/unstable crack growth in Si3N4/Si3N4–30 wt% TiN layered ceramics has been investigated. The laminates wereExpand
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