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Anodic Behavior of Titanium and Commercial Alloys in Sulfuric Acid
  • M. Levy
  • Materials Science
  • 1 August 1967
Abstract The anodic polarization behavior of commercially pure alpha titanium 75A (annealed), beta alloy 13V-llCr-3Al (annealed) and alpha-beta alloy 6Al-6V-2Sn (heat treated to strength levels of ...
Effect of Heat Treatment on Solute Concentration at Grain Boundaries in 7075 Aluminum Alloy
The effect of heat treatment on the relative amounts of magnesium, zinc, copper, iron and silicon in grain boundaries of aluminum 7075 alloy was investigated with Auger electron spectroscopy in a
Investigation of the Conditions for Crack Propagation and Arrest under Cathodic Polarization by Rising Step Load Bend Testing
Abstract The effects of potential step polarization and hydrogen overpotential on crack propagation and crack arrest are investigated for T-250 maraging steel (yield strength = 1708 MPa [248 ksi])
The Effect of Ion Implantation on the Corrosion Behavior of a High- Density Sintered Tungsten Alloy
Abstract : The effect of Chromium, Nickel, Tantalum, and Titanium ion implantation on the electrochemical corrosion behavior of a high density sintered tungsten alloy has been investigated in C1-
Oxidation of Some Advanced Single-Crystal Nickel-Base Superalloys in Air at 2000 F (1093 C)
Abstract The isothermal and thermocyclic oxidation behavior of various advanced single-crystal and directionally solidified superalloys in flowing air at a temperature of 2000 F (1093 C) has been