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Effect of recovery modality on 4-hour repeated treadmill running performance and changes in physiological variables.
The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of three different recovery modalities--active (ACT), passive (PAS) and contrast temperature water immersion (CTW)--on the performance ofExpand
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Student food insecurity: The skeleton in the university closet
Aim: Food security is an important nutrition issue among vulnerable population groups such as the young and socioeconomically disadvantaged. The present study sought to identify and describe theExpand
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The Effect of Dietary Nitrate Supplementation on Endurance Exercise Performance in Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
BackgroundRecent research into the use of dietary nitrates and their role in vascular function has led to it becoming progressively more popular amongst athletes attempting to enhanceExpand
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Dose response of caffeine on 2000-m rowing performance.
PURPOSE To determine whether a dose-response relationship exists between caffeine and 2000-m rowing performance. METHODS In this randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover study, 10Expand
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Influence of Closed Skill and Open Skill Warm-ups on the Performance of Speed, Change of Direction Speed, Vertical Jump, and Reactive Agility in Team Sport Athletes
Gabbett, TJ, Sheppard, JM, Pritchard-Peschek, KR, Leveritt, MD, and Aldred, MJ. Influence of closed skill and open skill warm-ups on the performance of speed, change of direction speed, verticalExpand
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The effects of different doses of caffeine on endurance cycling time trial performance
Abstract This study investigated the effects of two different doses of caffeine on endurance cycle time trial performance in male athletes. Using a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blindExpand
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Thermoregulatory responses to ice-slush beverage ingestion and exercise in the heat
We compared the effects of an ice-slush beverage (ISB) and a cool liquid beverage (CLB) on cycling performance, changes in rectal temperature (Tre) and stress responses in hot, humid conditions. TenExpand
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Caffeine, cycling performance, and exogenous CHO oxidation: a dose-response study.
PURPOSE This study investigated the effects of a low and moderate caffeine dose on exogenous CHO oxidation and endurance-exercise performance. METHODS Nine trained and familiarized male cyclistsExpand
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Dietary Intake, Body Composition, and Nutrition Knowledge of Australian Football and Soccer Players: Implications for Sports Nutrition Professionals in Practice.
Sports nutrition professionals aim to influence nutrition knowledge, dietary intake and body composition to improve athletic performance. Understanding the interrelationships between these factorsExpand
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Nutrition in general practice: role and workforce preparation expectations of medical educators.
Nutrition advice from general practitioners (GPs) is held in high regard by the general public, yet the literature investigating the role of GPs in the provision of nutrition care is limited. ThisExpand
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