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Data Mining of User Navigation Patterns
A data mining model that captures the user navigation behaviour patterns as a hypertext probabilistic grammar whose higher probability strings correspond to the user's preferred trails and the use of entropy as an estimator of the grammar's statistical properties is proposed. Expand
Methods for comparing rankings of search engine results
A number of measures that compare rankings of search engine results are presented, which apply to five queries that were monitored daily for two periods of 14 or 21 days each. Expand
Axiomatisation of Functional Dependencies in Incomplete Relations
This work exhibits a sound and complete axiom system for both strong and weak FDs, which takes into account the interaction between SFDs and WFDs, and shows that Armstrong relations exist forSFDs andWFDs. Expand
An Introduction to Search Engines and Web Navigation (2. ed.)
This book demystifies the tools that the authors use when interacting with the web, and gives the reader a detailed overview of where they are and where they are going in terms of search engine and web navigation technologies. Expand
Combining lexicon and learning based approaches for concept-level sentiment analysis
The anatomy of pSenti --- a concept-level sentiment analysis system that seamlessly integrates into opinion mining lexicon-based and learning-based approaches is presented, which achieves significantly higher accuracy in sentiment polarity classification as well as sentiment strength detection. Expand
A guided tour of relational databases and beyond
From the Publisher: This book will be of considerable interest to researchers and database practitioners who would like to gain an in-depth understanding of the foundations of modern relationalExpand
Genocide in the Age of the Nation State, Vol. 2: The Rise of the West and the Coming of Genocide
Most books on genocide consider it primarily as a twentieth-century phenomenon. In "The Rise of the West and the Coming of Genocide", Levene argues that this approach fails to grasp its true origins.Expand
Comparing university rankings
The findings show that there are reasonable similarities between the rankings, even though each applies a different methodology, and overall the similarities are increased when the comparison is limited to the European universities. Expand
A novel bibliometric index with a simple geometric interpretation
A comprehensive empirical comparison between the χ-index and other bibliometric indices, focusing on a comparison with the h-index, is presented by analysing two datasets—a large set of Google Scholar profiles and a small set of Nobel prize winners. Expand