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Preliminary comparative analysis of medicinal plants used in the traditional medicine of Bulgaria and Italy.
Despite their geographical, historical and cultural differences, Bulgaria and Italy share a surprisingly similar patrimony as regards the popular uses of medicinal plants. The extensive knowledgeExpand
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Comparative analysis of medicinal plants used in traditional medicine in Italy and Tunisia
BackgroundItaly and Tunisia (Africa for the Romans), facing each other on the opposite sides of the Mediterranean Sea, have been historically linked since the ancient times. Over the centuries bothExpand
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Ethnobotanical notes about some uses of medicinal plants in Alto Tirreno Cosentino area (Calabria, Southern Italy)
BackgroundThe present paper contributes to enrich the ethnobotanical knowledge of Calabria region (Southern Italy). Research was carried out in Alto Tirreno Cosentino, a small area lying between theExpand
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Ethnopharmacobotanical remarks on the province of Chieti town (Abruzzo, central Italy).
An ethnobotanical survey was carried out in the year 1997-1998, in the neighbourhood of the town of Chieti in the Abruzzo region (Central Italy). The information recorded in this paper has beenExpand
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Chemical, biological, morphoanatomical and antimicrobial study of Ocotea puchury-major Mart.
Ocotea puchury-major Mart. is a tree native to the Brazilian rain forest, where it is popularly known as puxurì. In local folk medicine the leaves are used for their sedative, gastroenteric andExpand
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Wild and ornamental toxic plants in Latium region (Central Italy)
The paper includes a commented list of wild and cultivated plants, commonly found in Latium region (Central Italy). Symptoms, toxic constituents and other relevant information are reported in orderExpand
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Ethnobotanical Remarks in Capitanata and Salento Areas (Puglia, Southern Italy)
This paper gives the results of an ethnobotanical study conceming two areas in the Puglia region (Southem Italy), a territory which has not been studied very much from an ethnobotanical standpoint.Expand
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Contributo alla conoscenza della flora vascolare urbana di Chieti (Abruzzo)
Riassunto Il presente lavoro riporta i risultati dell'indagine floristica effettuata nella cittá di Chieti (Abruzzo) negli anni 1995–1999. Sono state censiti 423 taxa di rango specifico eExpand
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