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Children and Families “At Promise”: Deconstructing the Discourse of Risk
Children and Families “At Promise”: Deconstructing the Discourse of Risk. Beth Blue Swadener and Sally Lubeck, eds. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1995. 288 pp.
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No ordinary ethics
‘Ordinary ethics’ suggests that everyday discursive interaction – interaction mediated by actual language use – has tacit ethical dimensions. This line of inquiry is productive for the anthropologyExpand
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Barack Obama, being sharp: Indexical order in the pragmatics of precision-grip gesture
Gesture in political oratory and debate is renowned for its nonreferential indexical functions, for the way it purportedly can indicate qualities of speaker and materialize acts of persuasion —Expand
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The poetics of stance: Text-metricality, epistemicity, interaction
  • M. Lempert
  • Philosophy
  • Language in Society
  • 29 August 2008
ABSTRACT This article examines the text-metrical (“poetic”) organization of epistemic stance-taking in discourse, focusing on epistemic stance in a form of argumentation, Tibetan Buddhist ‘debate’Expand
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Introduction: Pragmatics of Scale
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Ethics without immanence: A reply to Michael Lambek
A virtue of the turn called ‘ordinary ethics’ is that it can steer us toward the often tacit and seemingly pervasive presence of ethics in everyday social practice. Yet what is the status of thisExpand
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Scale: Discourse and Dimensions of Social Life
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Creatures of Politics: Media, Message, and the American Presidency
Preface and Acknowledgments 1. Introduction: Message is the Medium 2. Getting it Ju:::st Right 3. Addressing "The Issues" 4. Ethnoblooperology 5. Unflipping the Flop 6. The Message in Hand 7. WhatExpand
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Disciplinary theatrics: Public reprimand and the textual performance of affect at Sera Monastery, India
This article examines ‘public reprimand’ (tshogs gtam) at Sera Monastery, a major Tibetan Buddhist monastery of the Geluk sect in India. This disciplinary practice is shown to be of duplex textualExpand
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