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Properties of dust in the Martian atmosphere from the Imager on Mars Pathfinder
The Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP) returned sequences of images of the Martian sky characterizing the size distribution, optical constants, and nature of the aerosols suspended in the atmosphere ofExpand
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A model of Titan's aerosols based on measurements made inside the atmosphere
Abstract The descent imager/spectral radiometer (DISR) instrument aboard the Huygens probe into the atmosphere of Titan measured the brightness of sunlight using a complement of spectrometers,Expand
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Physical properties of the organic aerosols and clouds on Titan
Abstract Titan's haze is optically thick in the visible, with an optical depth at 0.5 μm of about three. The haze varies with latitude in a seasonal cycle and has a detached upper layer.Expand
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Titan's Surface, Revealed by HST Imaging
We present for the first time relative albedo maps of Titan's surface. The maps were made from images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope's planetary camera (295 km per pixel) through atmosphericExpand
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Mars methane detection and variability at Gale crater
Of water and methane on Mars The Curiosity rover has been collecting data for the past 2 years, since its delivery to Mars (see the Perspective by Zahnle). Many studies now suggest that many millionsExpand
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H2O at the Phoenix Landing Site
Phoenix Ascending The Phoenix mission landed on Mars in March 2008 with the goal of studying the ice-rich soil of the planet's northern arctic region. Phoenix included a robotic arm, with a cameraExpand
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In‐flight calibration and performance of the Mars Exploration Rover Panoramic Camera (Pancam) instruments
[1] The Mars Exploration Rover Panoramic Camera (MER/Pancam) instruments have acquired more than 60,000 high-resolution, multispectral, stereoscopic images of soil, rocks, and sky at the Gusev craterExpand
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Dust devil vortices seen by the Mars Pathfinder Camera
Discovery of dust devil vortices in Mars Pathfinder (MPF) images reveals a dust entrainment mechanism at work on Mars. Scattering of visible light by dust in the Martian atmosphere creates aExpand
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Mars Exploration Rover Athena Panoramic Camera (Pancam) investigation
[1] The Panoramic Camera (Pancam) investigation is part of the Athena science payload launched to Mars in 2003 on NASA's twin Mars Exploration Rover (MER) missions. The scientific goals of the PancamExpand
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Galileo probe measurements of thermal and solar radiation fluxes in the Jovian atmosphere
The Galileo probe net flux radiometer (NFR) measured radiation fluxes in Jupiter's atmosphere from about 0.44 to 14 bars, using five spectral channels to separate solar and thermal components.Expand
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