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Asymptotic Properties of a Nonparametric Regression Function Estimator with Randomly Truncated Data
In this paper, we define a new kernel estimator of the regression function under a left truncation model. We establish the pointwise and uniform strong consistency over a compact set and give a rateExpand
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Tests for genetic linkage and homogeneity.
This report concerns likelihood ratio tests in a heterogeneous model for linkage, where the recombination fraction has a binomial mixture distribution with an unknown proportion of unlinked families.Expand
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An extension of the admixture test for the study of genetic heterogeneity in hereditary multiple exostoses
Abstract Hereditary multiple exostoses (EXT) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by the presence of multiple cartilage-capped exostoses in the juxta-epiphyseal regions of the long bones.Expand
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Likelihood ratio tests in contamination models
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Likelihood ratio tests for genetic linkage
Mixtures of binomial distributions are used to model linkage between genes and markers. In several classical models, we study the likelihood ratio test for linkage, which are homogeneity tests inExpand
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Asymptotic Behavior of the Hazard Rate Kernel Estimator Under Truncated and Censored Data
In this article, we give the asymptotic mean integrated squared error and the mean squared error for the kernel estimator of the hazard rate from truncated and censored data. Martingale techniquesExpand
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Some asymptotic properties for a smooth kernel estimator of the conditional mode under random censorship
Abstract Let ( T i ) 1 ≤ i ≤ n be a sample of independent and identically distributed (iid) random variables (rv) of interest and ( X i ) 1 ≤ i ≤ n be a corresponding sample of covariates. InExpand
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Estimation and Tests in Finite Mixture Models for Censored Survival Data
This paper presents a survival model where the hazard function is related to a density that is either a single distribution or a mixture of k parametric distributions. The main purpose of theExpand
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Uniform rate of strong consistency for a smooth kernel estimator of the conditional mode for censore
Abstract Let ( T n ) n ⩾ 1 be a sequence random variables (rvs) of interest distributed as T . In censorship models the rv T is subject to random censoring by another rv C . We consider the problemExpand
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Turbidimétrie ou néphélémétrie : quel choix pour les dosages de l’albumine, l’ApoA, la CRP, l’haptoglobine, l’IgM et la transthyrétine ?
La nephelemetrie est consideree comme la methode de reference du dosage des proteines specifiques. Elle necessite un appareillage specifique qui n’est pas present dans tous les laboratoires. Aussi leExpand
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