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Herbaceous vegetation of threatened high altitude lateritic plateau ecosystems of Western Ghats, southwestern Maharashtra, India
High altitude lateritic plateaus (locally known as sadas) are found throughout the northern Western Ghats. Despite their rich fl oral diversity, these plateaus are highly neglected due to their highExpand
Crinum malabaricum (Amaryllidaceae), a remarkable new aquatic species from Kerala, India and lectotypification of Crinum thaianum
SummaryA new species, Crinum malabaricum Lekhak & S. R. Yadav, is described from a seasonal stream in Periya village of Kerala state, India. Lectotypification of C. thaianum J. Schulze is alsoExpand
Antioxidant, anti-diabetic, acetylcholinesterase inhibitory potential and estimation of alkaloids (lycorine and galanthamine) from Crinum species: An important source of anticancer and anti-Alzheimer
Abstract Crinum L. (Amaryllidaceae J.St. Hil.) is a bulbous monocot well known for its ornamental value and medicinal properties. Aqueous and methanolic leaf extracts of twelve Crinum genotypes wereExpand
Molecular Authentication of the Traditional Medicinal Plant “Lakshman Booti” (Smithia conferta Sm.) and Its Adulterants through DNA Barcoding
Background: Smithia conferta Sm. is an annual herb widely used in Indian traditional medical practice and commonly known as “Lakshman booti” in Sanskrit. Morphological resemblance among the speciesExpand
Cytogenetic Studies in Indian Drimia Jacq. (Urgineoideae: Hyacinthaceae)
Drimia (Urgineoideae: Hyacinthaceae) is a group of geophytes that bear tunicated bulbs. It is represented by more than 100 species distributed in Southern Europe, Africa and Asia. In India, DrimiaExpand
Cytotaxonomical investigations into the genus Chlorophytum from India
SummaryThe genus Chlorophytum Ker-Gawl. exhibits a gamut of variation in its morphology and somatic chromosome counts which has made species delimitation in this taxon complex. The presentExpand
Karyotype studies in two critically endangered and endemic Crinum species (Amaryllidaceae) from Northern-Western Ghats of India
Detailed karyotypic studies have been done in two critically endangered and endemic Crinum species viz. C. brachynema Herb. and C. woodrowii Baker, which belong to two ploidy levels 2x and 4xExpand
Analysis of Selected Crinum Species for Galanthamine Alkaloid: An Anti-Alzheimer Drug
Galanthamine, an isoquinoline alkaloid and the current drug of choice for treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer disease, is mainly obtained from Amaryllidaceae members. At present, the productionExpand
Chlorophytum sharmae (Asparagaceae): a new species from Kerala, India
Summary. A new species of Chlorophytum, C. sharmae from the southern Western Ghats of India is described and illustrated here. It is similar to C. glaucum Dalzell but differs by its narrow, linearExpand
Karyomorphology of Flemingia nilgheriensis (Baker) Wight ex T. Cooke: An Endemic from Western Ghats
The genus Flemingia Roxb. ex Ait. & Ait. f. is represented by c. 30 species distributed in the old world tropics. India is home to 16 species and 2 variety of which 5 species and 1 variety areExpand